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Writers Guild of Canada: Advocacy, Community, and Benefits for Canada's Screenwriters

Screenwriters can qualify to join the WGC with one writing contract in our jurisdiction (English production in Canada), signed in the past two years with a producer who is signatory to one of our agreements.  We also offer incentives for writers who would not normally qualify.

WGC Screenwriting Awards

The WGC celebrates our members' creative achievements at the annual WGC Screenwriting Awards.

Canadian Screenwriters Collection Society

The Canadian Screenwriters Collection Society (CSCS) was established by the WGC to claim, collect, administer, and distribute foreign authors’ levies to film and television writers. Members can read the CSCS privacy policy here.


WTTV: Diggstown

Diggstown showrunner Foyd Kane and series writers Lynn Coady and Ellen Vanstone discuss the CBC series with JP Larocque.


Canadian Screenwriter Magazine

Spring 2020 Issue
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WGC Diversity

Diversity & Inclusion

Connecting writers from diverse backgrounds with the Canadian television industry — and industry professionals with rising talent.

News and events
tv remote

What the latest CRTC decision on Bill C-11 implementation means for Canadian screenwriters

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Media coverage after strike vote


Script of the Month - May 2024

crucial step

WGC Congratulates Minister St-Onge on Release of Bill C-11 Policy Direction to the CRTC

EDI report cover

WGC Releases New Report on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion


National Agreement Reached Between WGC and IATSE on Script Coordinators

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A.I. and the Role of Canadian Creators

Kurt, Marsha, Veronika, Amanda

Now on YouTube: Writers Talking Screen

Ben Mike Christine Michael

Now on YouTube: Writers Talking Kids' TV

Clement and Michael

Now on YouTube: Clement Virgo in Conversation with Michael McGowan

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Intellectual Property Registration Important Changes


The WGC has decided not to continue to accept new intellectual property registrations or renewals of existing registrations effective Oct. 1, 2018. Costs required to build a new registration application for the new WGC website have proved prohibitive. New digital registrations or renewals will no longer be accepted. (The acceptance of new or renewals of paper registrations was discontinued in June, 2014.)

The service will continue for any registrations that are active and have not expired. We will continue to store these registrations securely, answer questions and provide information regarding these registrations. As well, registrants who provide the appropriate documentation may continue to withdraw these registrations. Access to the online registration system will not be available to registrants.

The WGC reserves the right in its sole discretion to make changes to, modify, delete or add to its business practices for its intellectual property registration service at any time by posting this information on its website, which constitutes notice to you. Your continued use of the registration after any such amendment constitutes your acceptance of these business practices.