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A.I. and the Role of Canadian Creators


On June 1, 2023, the WGC sent a letter to the Honourable Pablo Rodriguez and the Honourable François-Philippe Champagne with respect to our growing concerns around the rapid development of artificial intelligence (A.I.) and the threat it represents to Canadian artists and creators. Here's an excerpt: 

"While A.I. has been in development for some time, the recent launch of ChatGPT and other generative A.I. tools represent a paradigm shift in the ability of this technology to create text, audio, visual, and audiovisual content that could compete with, or even replace, human content creators. This in turn threatens the economic wellbeing of Canadian artists, as well as their role as social critics and commentators, and ultimately their fundamental human dignity as artists. The impacts of A.I. on the creative sector with respect to public policy are far-reaching, from copyright and cultural funding to industrial relations and beyond."

Read the letter in full.

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