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Connecting Content Producers to Canada's Screenwriters

Important notice to producers:  You will need to register to access our Member Directory, even if you were already registered on our older site.  We apologize for this inconvenience.  Applications will be reviewed and approved quickly.  Please contact us at 416-979-7907 or 1-800-567-9974 if you need assistance.

Find the perfect screenwriter for your project. The Guild's Member Directory gives producers access to complete writer profiles and agent contact information. Save search criteria, shortlist writers and share shortlists with others.


Remittance Payments

Remittances for working dues, admin fees, GST/HST and insurance and retirement amounts can always be made using our Excel worksheet form, or if you are remitting multiple times or for many writers, you can apply for our online system.

Our online payment remittance system makes it easy for you to stay on top of payments and ensure compliance with collective agreements.

The WGC has developed a new application for producers to remit their writer payments and information online. The new application, called the Producer Remittance Entry System (PRES), is available to all producers who are remitting to the Guild and is both a green initiative to replace existing paper remittances and a time-saving opportunity for both producers and the Guild.

The new system is designed to save producers time when remitting payment information since much of the information can be selected from dropdown options.  Producers can continue to pay the Guild by cheque or make arrangements for other payment options.  Our new system is secure and each producer must be either a parent, signatory or rights holder to access payment information and then only information that is related to their own projects or writers contracted on those projects.

Baroness Von Sketch WTTV

Baroness Von Sketch

March 6, 2019, Baroness Von Sketch Show showrunner Jennifer Whalen and series’ writers Jen Goodhue and Monica Heisey are interviewed by fellow WGC member and Spun Out co-creator Jeff Biederman.

Canadian Screenwriter Magazine Fall 2019

Canadian Screenwriter Magazine

Fall 2019 Issue
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2019 WGC Award Winners
Daegan Fryklind
Daegan Fryklind

Best New Series Script

The Bletchley Circle: “Presidio”

Josh Sager & Jerome Simpson
Josh Sager & Jerome Simpson

Wishfart “I Wear This Hat Ironically”  


Rupinder Gill
Rupinder Gill

Comedy Series
Schitt’s Creek “RIP Moira Rose”

Michael McNamara
Michael McNamara

Catwalk: Tales from the Cat Show Circuit  

Sarah Dodd
Sarah Dodd

Drama Series
Cardinal: Blackfly Season “Red” 


Jeremy Boxen
Jeremy Boxen

Feature Film
22 Chaser

Tim McKeon
Tim McKeon

MOW & Miniseries
Odd Squad: World Turned Odd

Alex Epstein and Lisa Hunter
Alex Epstein & Lisa Hunter

Shorts & Webseries
We’ve Come to the End of Our Time

Cole Bastedo
Cole Bastedo

Tweens & Teens

Star Falls “The Picnic Auction”