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Writers Talking Screen - The Podcast

Writers Talking Screen is an interview series featuring Canadian TV and feature screenwriters. Produced by the Writers Guild of Canada and hosted by WGC members, Writers Talking Screen brings you intimate conversations about the craft and business of screenwriting. (Formerly known as Writers Talking TV and Cut To.) Listen here or wherever you get your podcasts, including Apple Podcasts. (Also available on WGC YouTube, and in a live Zoom webinar format.)



Writers Talking TV

Dan for Mayor Podcast

January 20, 2010 Paul Mather & Kevin White

Writers Talking TV

Spliced Podcast

November 24, 2009 Simon Racioppa

Writers Talking TV

Cra$h and Burn Podcast

October 27, 2009 Malcolm MacRury

Writers Talking TV

Overruled! Podcast

September 16, 2009 Jeff Biederman and Jeffery Alan Schechter