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Writers Talking Screen - The Podcast

Writers Talking Screen is an interview series featuring Canadian TV and feature screenwriters. Produced by the Writers Guild of Canada and hosted by WGC members, Writers Talking Screen brings you intimate conversations about the craft and business of screenwriting. (Formerly known as Writers Talking TV and Cut To.) Listen here or wherever you get your podcasts, including Apple Podcasts. (Also available on WGC YouTube, and in a live Zoom webinar format.)



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WGC’s 2023 Comedy, Drama and Teen/Tween Winners (Oct. 27, 2023)

2023 WGC Screenwriting Awards winners Kurt Smeaton (CHILDREN RUIN EVERYTHING), Marsha Greene (THE PORTER), and Veronika Paz (ASTRID & LILLY SAVE THE WORLD) talk to Amanda Joy (AMELIA PARKER) about how to handle rejection (and success), the state of the industry, tips for moving up from a script coordinator position to a staffed writer, and what NOT to do in a job interview.

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WGC’s 2023 Children's and Preschool Winners (Jul. 26, 2023)

2023 WGC Screenwriting Awards winners Christine Mitchell (THE GUAVA JUICE SHOW), and Ben Joseph and Mike D’Ascenzo (DINO RANCH) speak with Michael Foulke (ELINOR WONDERS WHY) about the craft of writing for pre-school and children’s audiences, and the ups and downs of their career journeys.

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Clement Virgo and Michael McGowan ( June 13, 2023)

Clement Virgo (BROTHER) and Michael McGowan (ALL MY PUNY SORROWS) discuss their approaches to the craft of filmmaking. From their different takes on dialogue and structure, to how they think of themselves as artists, it’s a fascinating conversation between two of Canada's most talented filmmakers. 

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The Art of Showrunning Jun 2022

Showrunners Anthony Q. Farrell (RUN THE BURBS, SHELVED) and Marsha Greene (THE PORTER) talk to Richard Young (OVERLORD AND THE UNDERWOODS) about what it takes to run a writers' room, navigating tough conversations, and critical lessons learned throughout their careers.

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Holiday Movies of The Week (Nov. 25, 2022)

Screenwriters Carley Smale (GINGERBREAD CHRISTMAS) and Kirsten Hansen (A TALE OF TWO CHRISTMASES) talk to Sonja Bennett (PREGGOLAND) about how they got their start writing holiday movies-of-the-week, how they structure their scripts, what it's like to work with networks like Hallmark, and so much more.