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2024 WGC Awards Finalist Announcement

WGC Screenwriting Awards

Congratulations to the incredibly talented WGC members who have been selected as finalists for the 2024 WGC Screenwriting Awards! The announcement, which includes the complete list of finalists, is available here, and all finalists are also listed below.

The winners will be announced at the 2024 WGC Screenwriting Awards ceremony on Monday, May 13 at Koerner Hall in Toronto. More details are available here. (Tickets on sale soon!)

Congratulations to all!



Interstellar Ella, “Big Little Problems” | Written by Emer Connon     
Interstellar Ella, “A Star is Born” | Written by Anne-Marie Perrotta                    
Jane, “Ursus maritimus” | Written by J.J. Johnson    
Pinecone and Pony, “Once in a Violetmoon” | Written by Tally Yong Knoll    
Pinecone and Pony, “Hero Soup” | Written by Lienne Sawatsky                 
Pinecone and Pony, “Pinecone and Horse” | Written by Corey Liu         

The Lake, “Death on Denial” | Written by Julian Doucet & Lori-Ann Russell    
Children Ruin Everything, “Arguments” | Written by Kurt Smeaton
Children Ruin Everything, “Therapy” | Written by Kurt Smeaton & Jessica Meya    
Children Ruin Everything, “Clothes” | Written by Kathleen Phillips    
Children Ruin Everything, “Babysitters” | Written by Anita Kapila        
Shelved, “Jane Eyre FICTION BRO” | Written by Anthony Q. Farrell    
Workin' Moms, “It's Five O' Clock Somewhere” | Written by Enuka Okuma     
Family Law, “Under the Influence” | Written by Sarah Dodd    
Transplant, “Crete” | Written by Joseph Kay & Rachel Langer     
Pretty Hard Cases, “Always a Bridesmaid” | Written by Tassie Cameron & Sherry White     
Moonshine, “Get My Baby Back” | Written by Sheri Elwood & Alexander Nunez    
Murdoch Mysteries, “The Porcelain Maiden” | Written by Simon McNabb    
Little Bird, “Bineshi Kwe” | Written by Zoe Hopkins            

Butterfly Tale | Story by Heidi Foss and Michael Solomon/Screenplay by Heidi Foss and Lienne Sawatsky
Irena's Vow | Written by Dan Gordon                
Suze | Written by Linsey Stewart & Dane Clark    
The Burning Season | Written by Jonas Chernick and Diana Frances     

Bad Romance: The Vicky White Story | Written by Gregory Small & Richard Blaney    
The Amityville Curse | Written by Dennis Heaton
Bones of Crows, “To Be Here” | Written by Marie Clements     

Builder Brothers' Dream Factory, “Groom-Ba” | Written by Desmond Sargeant
Builder Brothers' Dream Factory, "Orange Shirt Day” | Written by Sonya Ballantyne    
Mittens and Pants, “Bunny Family Wedding” | Written by Katherine Sandford                 
Dino Ranch, “Luna Sees The Light” | Written by Naomi Jardine                    
Superbuns, “The Sweet Sound of Christmas” | Written by Suzanne Bolch & John May    

SHORTS (includes web series, drama and comedy series episodes under 15 minutes)
I Will Bury You, “Depression” | Written by Ravi Steve Khajuria                
Armadillo Avalanche, “Clem” | Written by Celeste Koon                    
Armadillo Avalanche, “Raven” | Written by Alix Markman     

TWEENS & TEENS                                            
Popularity Papers, “Pain in the Bat Mitzvah” | Written by Jeff Detsky
Popularity Papers, “Ghost Mortem” | Written by Evan Thaler Hickey         
The Hardy Boys, “The Crash” | Written by Ramona Barckert                     
The Hardy Boys, “At the Old House” | Written by Chris Pozzebon 

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