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WTTV: Pretty Hard Cases set for Dec. 1


With its second season slated to start on Jan. 5, CBC drama Pretty Hard Cases made a splash with its rookie season in 2020. This popular series that applies a new lens to the staple cop-show genre focuses on detectives Sam Wazowski (Meredith MacNeill) and Kelly Duff (Adrienne C. Moore) as they excel at their day jobs, but grapple with with loneliness, dysfunctional families and their screwed-up love lives by night. 

Season two finds Sam and Kelly as official partners for the first time, and in this session of WTTV, co-creators Tassie Cameron (Mary Kills People, Ten Days in the Valley, Rookie Blue) and Sherry White (Little Dog, Frontier, Ten Days in the Valley, Rookie Blue) will discuss how this seemingly unlikely duo came to be and how the show came together. Fellow WGC member Robina Lord Stafford (Frankie Drake Mysteries, Moonshine) will host. 

The free event will take place via Zoom on Wednesday, Dec. 1 at 7 p.m. ET. Please register HERE, if you'd like to attend.

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