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The WGC speaks about Bill C-11 before Senate Committee

Alex Levine before Senate

On November 1, 2022, WGC President Alex Levine (pictured above) and WGC Acting Co-Executive Director & Director of Policy Neal McDougall spoke in support of Bill C-11 before the Standing Senate Committee on Transport and Communications (TRCM).

Alex’s remarks made it clear that the passage of Bill C-11 is needed to protect Canadian creators and culture. “Bottom line: the Canadian domestic television industry is in decline,” he said. “Our jobs are disappearing. Canadian writers who can are moving to the US in droves searching for work. We are at risk of losing an entire generation of storytellers.”

Neal emphasized the urgency of the situation, telling the Committee that “we need this regulation and we need it now—it is time to act.” Neal also spoke about two amendments that the WGC believes are vital to ensure that Canadian voices are at the centre of the system. (You can read about these amendments in our submission to the TRCM.) 

The recording of the entire session before the TRCM is available for viewing here. (The WGC section begins at 9:15:35.) 

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