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WGC Script of the Month


Created in 2018, the WGC Script of the Month initiative is designed to help emerging screenwriter members from diverse backgrounds move forward in their careers. Here's a recap of the writers and their scripts that have been selected for the program so far:


July:  Nadiya Chettiar, current Executive Story Editor on CBS sitcom Life in Pieces, for her half-hour comedy Love Marriage. 

August: Ryan Spencer, a writer on Boat Rocker's tween drama The Next Step, for his one-hour drama, Westlake High.

September: Jagjiwan Sohal, who's written for kids series Dino Dana, Addison and Nina's World, for his half-hour comedy Seven Deadly Singhs.

October: Nile Seguin, who has made his name as a comedian, for his one-hour drama Deep Water. 

November: Gillian Muller, whose writing credits includes Travelers, for her one-hour drama The Blue Division.



March: Sabrina Sherif, with writing credits on upcoming Netflix sci-fi series Another Life, for her supernatural drama script, Something Wicked. 

April: Thomas Conway, with credits on Odd Squad and Endlings, for his comedic grand space opera, Illegal Alien.

May: Hiro Kanagawa, whose writing credits include Da Vinci City Hall and Blackstone, for his gritty feature film script The Day Player

June:  Sara Beth Edwards, whose first feature film Fall Back Down is in post-production, for her one-hour drama impregnation.

July: Carmine Pierre-DuFour, currently a story editor on upcoming drama Transplant, for her one-hour drama Privileged. 

August:  Ethan Banville for his one-hour drama Lady Luciano. 

September: Richard Young and Vas Saranga for their half-hour comedy Kandu Attitude. 

November: Brier Sanderson for her feature film script One Night



January: Nile Séguin for his half-hour comedy Texas Troy.

February: Brier Sanderson for her feature film Whistle of a Far-off Train.

March: Alejandro Álvarez Cadilla for his half-hour comedy Shooting the Talent.

April: Scott McGuirk for his half-hour dramedy jocKWEENS.

May: Ravi Steve Khajuria for his short film The Pros and Cons of Killing Yourself.

June: Maryan Haye for REP, a half-hour dramedy.

October: Richard Young for EXALT, a one-hour sci-fi thriller.

November: Vanessa Magic for Venom Like Viper, a one-hour sci-fi/action series. 

December: Martina Monro for feature film Nice Jewish Girl.



March: Natasha Semone Vassell's feature film Brown Baby

April: Jade Stone's dark comedy TV pilot Pretty Smart Popular Girls

May: Spencer Levine's one-hour queer teen drama Prism High

June:  Diane De La Haye's movie-of-the-week Steppin’ on Holly Mistle’s Toe

July: Tony Tran's coming-of-age, queer feature film Oscar

August: Brishkay Ahmed's dystopian drama Aisha 

September: Taf Diallo's dramedy pilot Touch Road

October: Adam Hussein's legal drama Tamer's Law

November: Stephanie Herrera's half hour TV comedy Hispanic-ish

December: Renuka Singh's half-hour comedy Brown Girl Town


January: Lorimer Shenher’s one-hour TV drama The Miracle-Signs

February: Karolyn Carnie's one-hour drama Liquid Gold

March: Joan Digba's one-hour supernatural drama Daughter of Mine

April: Angela Hanna Goulene's half-hour animation primetime pilot Tykoonshou

May:  Sage Daniels's original half-hour comedy Vanilla

June: Qaseem Fazal's original comedy feature The Family Value

July: Rob Michaels's super hero comedy Habib

September: Nadine Bhabha's half-hour comedy Sugar Shack

October: Rebecca Grenier's half-hour comedy The Rainbow Curse 

November: Leandro Matos's one-hour drama series Millennials 



March: Jadiel Dowlin's half hour series Black Black Comedy 


Congratulations to all!

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