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The WGC on Bill C-11

time to act

Bill C-11, also called the Online Streaming Act, is crucial legislation that updates the Broadcasting Act for the 21st Century, providing the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) with important tools to regulate major streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and other online services, so as to require them to contribute to the creation and presentation of Canadian programming.

The WGC supports this vital bill, which we hope will be passed into law soon. Our industry cannot thrive—or perhaps even survive—without it. 

WGC in the Media on Bill C-11
Read WGC President Alex Levine's op-ed published in the Toronto Star on April 11, 2022: "The telling of Canadian stories is at risk without passage of Online Streaming Act"

Read the WGC's acting co-executive director and director of policy's op-ed published on on June 20, 2022: "No, the Online Streaming Act doesn’t ask us to ‘just trust the CRTC’"

Listen to the WGC's Acting Co-Executive Director & Director of Policy Neal McDougall talk about Bill C-11 on The Mike Farwell Show. (Segment begins at ~ 1:25:00.)

Read the WGC's Acting Co-Executive Director & Director of Policy Neal McDougall's three-part op-ed on, published in September 2022. In part one, Neal writes about why Bill C-11 must reflect the fact that “Canadian art is made by Canadian artists,” and why the screenwriter is at the creative foundation of film and TV. In part two, he unpacks the often self-contradictory (and sometimes ridiculous) arguments that misunderstand both how Canadian content is made and how it should be defined. And in part three, he offers up recommendations that will help ensure Bill C-11 puts Canadian creators – and Canadian screenwriters – at its very core. 

WGC Written Brief for Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage 
On June 1, 2022, the WGC submitted a written brief to the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage on Bill C-11. The brief outlines our support for the bill, and maintains that screenwriters must be a central component of the Broadcasting Act (which C-11 is amending). It also includes our proposal for an amendment to Section 3(1)(f) on Canadian creative resources, among other recommendations. Read the brief here.

WGC FAQ on Bill C-11
Have questions about C-11? Read our in-depth FAQ. (Please view in Chrome.)


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