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September Script of the Month

Nadine Bhabha

September’s Script of the Month, as selected by the WGC Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA) Committee, is Sugar Shack, a half-hour comedy written by Nadine Bhabha.

Nadine is an award-winning writer/actor from Toronto. She’s produced shorts, is developing several features, and has written for comedies such as This Hour Has 22 Minutes, and Children Ruin Everything. She’s best known for her performances on This Hour Has 22 Minutes and Letterkenny to name a few. She is currently filming One More Time for CBC, premiering in the winter. She has two CSA nominations for Best Supporting Actor and Best Writing for Sketch Comedy. Nadine is committed to writing and portraying nuanced characters with an emphasis on hilarious female narratives.

“Nadine’s Sugar Shack is equally heartfelt and comedic – a balance which can be hard to strike,” says WGC member David Turko who worked with Nadine to polish the script. “Following a woman returning from Paris to her humble roots and rediscovering her dream through family, [Sugar Shack] helps remind us that what we’re looking for may not actually be that far from home after all. An effortlessly Canadian story with the potential for a wider commercial audience.”

“I wrote Sugar Shack because it’s a cozy, laugh out loud, distinctly Canadian story with women at the helm, and that’s exactly the kind of show I’d like to make here," says Nadine. "We’ve seen so much success with Canadian comedies and I think what’s missing from the narrative is a hilarious and heartbreaking mother-daughter duo. I would love to see this show turned into a series! My goal is to partner with a creative producer.”

Congratulations, Nadine! 

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