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October Script of the Month

R. Grenier

October’s Script of the Month, as selected by the WGC Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA) Committee, is The Rainbow Curse, a half-hour comedy written by Rebecca Grenier. 

Rebecca is an alumni of the CFC Bell Media Prime Time TV Program. She worked as a story editor on Anthony Q. Farrell’s Shelved and on Kurt Smeaton’s Children Ruin Everything S3. As a recipient of the Corus Writers’ Apprentice Program, she was placed in the writers’ room for Reginald the Vampire S2. She loves stories about superheroes without capes, the complexities of mother-daughter relationships, and disconnection from community.

"After initially reading the premise of Becca Grenier’s The Rainbow Curse, I had no doubt I was in for a wild ride,” says Jason Packer who worked with Rebecca to polish the script. “What I didn’t foresee was how hilariously badass that ride actually is. It’s evident from page one Becca writes with intention, and with every pass, Becca somehow manages to cram more comedy, more character and more heart into an already cram-packed joyride. The Rainbow Curse feels personal, almost a call to arms. A Miley Cyrus middle finger to the growing threat of erasing marginalized communities. Becca pulls no punches, maniacally laughing in the face of haters, and has perfectly crafted a half-hour audiences can rally behind. It was a pleasure getting to know Becca in person and through her writing. Everyone needs to buckle up and get The Rainbow Curse into their hands."

Rebecca sent us the trailer for The Rainbow Curse and it goes like this…

Redd Pepper: ‘In a world… where no queer people exist…’

Becca: ‘Uh, no—I’m queer. I don’t want people to think I wrote anti-gay propaganda.’

Redd: ‘In a world… that isn’t anti-gay and yet does not have one single gay person…’

Becca: ‘—Let’s just lead with dystopian world, scathing social commentary, and tons of comedy.’

Redd: ‘In a dystopian future, where gay people are hilariously non-existent…’

Becca: ‘OKAY. Despite what you’ve heard, The Rainbow Curse is very gay. It’s also the best distillation of my voice and themes that are important to me. Thanks to the WGC for choosing it as October’s Script of the Month, I am beyond grateful and so excited.’

Congratulations, Rebecca!

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