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November Script of the Month

Stephanie Herrera

November’s Script of the Month, as selected by the WGC Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA) Committee, is Hispanic-ish—a half hour TV comedy written by Stephanie Herrera.

Stephanie is an award-winning BIPOC actor/writer who lives and breathes comedy! Her background in improv is evident in her rapid-fire ideas, energetic collaboration, out-of-the-box pitches, and strong characters. Her sweet spots are TV episodic comedy as well as kids’ animation. She is currently writing on her third show called Tiny and Tall for TVOkids, and she's seeking opportunities to collaborate with more creatives.

“I loved reading Stephanie Herrera’s script Hispanic-ish,” says WGC member Scott Fellows who worked with Stephanie to polish the script. “Hispanic-ish is a fun, funny, sweet, emotional and victorious sitcom that comes from her fun, funny and authentic spirit and voice. All the situations her and her family face seem outrageous yet totally believable - which is the hardest thing in writing sitcoms. The dialogue flows so nicely and the jokes land wonderfully. Stephanie’s unique voice comes from her unique life and family and I truly hope she’ll be able to share it with tons of TV viewers - because I love a happy ending!”

"I’m thrilled that Hispanic-ish is the November Script of the Month,” Stephanie says. “With the growing realization that the Hispanic/Latino community is underrepresented on network television, this show fills that void, and is ready for development! I see potential for mass appeal as it humorously touches on those universal feelings of 'not quite fitting in' and Imposter Syndrome."

Congratulations, Stephanie!

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