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June 2022 Script of the Month


June’s Script of the Month, as selected by the WGC Diversity Committee, is Steppin’ on Holly Mistle’s Toe, a Christmas MOW written by Diane De La Haye. 

Diane is a Jamaican-Canadian screenwriter and story editor who studied at the Vancouver Film School. Over the last 10 years, Diane has honed her skills in script development and collaborated with directors from around the world on feature screenplays, documentaries and TV series. She is currently head writer for The Wonderful Counsellor and Fab 4 and the Silent Retreat, as well as a business partner at MBI Productions where she oversees projects such as the family comedies Shalom Jamaica and The Proverbial Fit.
“It was a pleasure working with Diane De LaHaye and her Christmas movie, Steppin’ on Holly Mistle’s Toe,” says WGC member Peter Mohan, who worked with Diane to polish the script. “She took a deep dive into the world of Christmas movies and gave it her own original hip-hop spin. Diane did a fantastic job of accurately deconstructing the genre and brought all of the winning tropes to this fresh new creation. Her characters were compelling and she delivered a lot of humour together with the emotional moments. Diane was a joy to work with, embracing notes graciously and coming back with her own clever fixes on the bumps. I think her dedication and professional attitude would make her a great addition to any writing room. And I think that her script would be a worthy addition to the ever-growing canon of Christmas movies.” 
"I am thrilled that Steppin' on Holly Mistle's Toe has been selected for June's Script of the Month,” says Diane. “I love to write wholesome comedies featuring strong and witty female characters, and when you throw dancing and Christmas into the mix, it's the perfect combination. I hope to collaborate with producers to bring more Movies-of-the-Week and other family-fun episodic series and features to life. The world needs more laughter. Let's make it happen.”

Congratulations, Diane!

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