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July 2022 Script of the Month

Tony Tran

July’s Script of the Month, as selected by the WGC's IDEA Committee, is Oscar, a coming-of-age, queer, comedy, drama/feature film written by Tony Tran. 

Tony is a queer Vietnamese-Canadian actor, writer, and voice-actor. As a writer, Tony has worked with a variety of productions, including Corus/Nelvana, Yellow Animation, Epic Story Media, and most recently, Fresh TV. Through his work, Tony aims to develop more LGBTQ+ and Asian stories where he can laugh, cry, and cheer alongside his friends.
“It has been wonderful working with Tony, who is an exceptionally funny and talented writer, with a refreshingly unique voice,” says WGC member Amanda Joy, who worked with Tony to polish the script. “Oscar is a dream read. You won’t just laugh, you’ll fall in love with the world and its characters, and find yourself rooting for Oscar even more than he roots for himself. This script is a testament to the cleverness and depth of its author—who would be an excellent addition to any writing room.” 
"I am fabulously honoured to have Oscar selected as the Script of the Month,” says Tony. “Oscar was a story that came out of a dark moment in my life as both an actor and a gay Asian man navigating the industry... but it was also a gay-ly hilarious time! I am so excited for you to join Oscar on his up-and-down journey of self-love, friendship, body image, and possibly, fame. Oscar is a story that I adored writing and growing the past few years; it cemented my mission to continue to create and develop more and more queer Asian stories, whether that's on the big screen, in other writing rooms, or even my own. I hope you enjoy Oscar and see parts of yourself in him as well. After all, who doesn't want a little Oscar in their life?”
Congratulations, Tony! 

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