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How to Participate in New CMF Public Consultation


On March 11, the Canada Media Fund (CMF) launched a consultation process on the future direction of the fund to identify the best ways to support Canada's screen-based sector "as it recovers from the pandemic, grows, generates great content in television and interactive digital media, and competes successfully in the global marketplace."

The WGC strongly encourages members to participate in this process. It includes an online questionnaire and several virtual town hall meetings in April. In particular, we encourage you to register for and attend the virtual town hall meeting on Tuesday, April 6, which will be in English and have a focus on creators of linear content. (Other meetings will be held in French or focus on interactive digital media.) The CMF has also provided a background paper to help guide discussion.

The CMF is perhaps the single most important funding body for the development and production of Canadian drama, animation, kids and documentary programming, which is at the core of what WGC members write. As a 10-CAVCO-point fund, the CMF is central in supporting Canadian-written content and, by extension, Canadian screenwriters. Town hall events like these are often well-attended by producers, and as such their views can predominate, or even be mistaken for what the whole industry thinks. As the authorial voice of television, screenwriters and showrunners have a distinct and essential perspective to offer.

The WGC will provide additional guidance to members on what we believe the key issues in the consultation will be. This will include the recommendation that the CMF remain a 10-point fund that provides investment only to Canadian-written development and production.

In the meantime, please consider participating in the processincluding signing up for the town hall meeting of April 6, and watch for more information. The WGC will also participate in the CMF consultation directly, where we will advocate on behalf of our members.

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