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CFTPA Signatory Producers

(Producers Who Have Signed a Voluntary Recognition Agreement - Updated July 24, 2009)


If you do not see your producer listed here, please contact the Guild for further information. The producer may have signed the Voluntary Recognition Agreement after this list was printed.

Hint: If you are looking for a specific company, use your browser's find function - in Netscape, go to "Edit" and select "Find in Page". In MS Explorer go to "Edit" and select "Find (on this page)".


0703175 British Columbia Ltd    Kawoosh Productions VIII Inc.
0719111 BC Ltd dba Clean Fight Prouctions    Kawoosh Productions X Inc
100 Percent Film & Television Inc.    Kawoosh! Productions IX Inc.
100 Percent Film & Television Inc.    Kawoosh! Productions V Inc.
101013739 Sask Ltd    Kawoosh! Productions VI Inc.
101054240 Saskatchewan Ltd.    Kawoosh! Productions VII Inc.
101076908 Saskatchewan Ltd    Keatley Entertainment Ltd
106 Clones Productions Inc.    Keatley Film Ltd.
1091241 Ontario Inc    Keys Cut Here Productions Ltd.
1104331 Alberta Ltd for Six Figures    Kinetic Pictures Inc.
1181106 Alberta Inc (o/a) Draw Your Cat    Kink (IV) Productions Inc
1380098 Ontario Inc (c.o.b. Heroic Film Company) for Captain Flamin    Kink (V) Productions Inc
1380099 Ont. Inc. Heroic Films Co. for Ladies Killing Circle    Kinky Hair Productions Inc./Novelette's Productins Inc.
1380099 Ont. Heroic Film Cpy for First Things First    Kinoshnik Inc. for Bardo
1380099 Ontario Inc. o/a Heroic Film Company    Knightscove Family Films Inc
1404367 Ontario Limited    L+T - PM Inc.
1409086 Ontario Ltd.    Landscape Productions (Canada) Corp.
1480580 Ontario Inc.    Last Call Productions
1514373 Ontario Inc.    Last Hunt Productions Inc.
1555285 Ontario Inc. fsa Salt Springs Eternal    Laughing Mountain Communications Inc.
1606480 Ontario Ltd.    Laughter Productions Inc.
1620719 Ontario Inc.    Leaping Lizard Productions Inc. for Rayman
1972 Productions Inc.    Leda Serene Films
1972 Productions Inc.    Left Behind (Series) Prod. Inc.
2003804 Ontario Inc.    Leftbank Productions for Charley Barley
2006376 Ontario Inc.    Lemm Communications Inc.
2030 CE Productions (Alberta) II Inc    Leopard Productions Inc for Rita MacNeil's Cape Breton
2030 CE Productions (Mantioba) II Inc.    Les Productions Colin Neale Inc.
2030 CE Productions (Saskatchewan) II Inc.    Lester Beach Entertainment
2060803 Ontario Limited    LG Productions Corp.
2075382 Ontario Limited    Liberty East Productions, Inc.
2104023 Ontario Inc.    Life As A Movie Productions Inc.
2108602 Ontario Ltd    Life Coach Productions Limited
22 Minutes (Nye) IV Incorporated    Life With Derek II Inc
22 Minutes IX Inc.    Life With Derek Inc.
22 Minutes VIII Inc.    Lightship Media Limited
22 Minutes X Inc.    Liography 2001 Productions Inc.
22 Minutes XI Incorporated    Lions Gate Television, Corporation
22 Minutes XII Incorporated    Little India
22 Minutes XIII Productions Inc.    Little Mosque Productions for Little Mosque on the Prairie
22 Minutes XIV Limited    Little Mosque Productions Ontario, Inc.
25 Years of Skinnamarink Inc.    Live to Air Productions Inc.
2M Innovative Productions    LMAO Productions Inc.
3084299 Nova Scotia Limited    Lone Runner Entertainment Inc
35 Years TV Inc.    Lord Have Mercy Inc.
400 Boys Productions    Lorna Thomas Productions Inc.
4136781 Canada Inc.    Lost Script IV Productions Inc.
49th and Main II Productions Inc    Lost Script V Productions Inc.
49th and Main Productions Inc.    Love IV Productions Inc.
49th Parallel Films Two Inc.    Love Me Productions Inc.
4F Productions Inc    Luchadores Productions II Limited Partnership
4Real Media Inc.    Luchadores Productions Limited Partnership
508499 NB Inc    Lucky Day Prds Inc. for All Around The Town
513153 NB Inc.    Lucky Day Prds Inc. for Loves Music Loves To Dance
514019 NB Inc.    Lucky Day Prds Inc. for Lucky Day
6004962 Canada Inc. (Leader Media) for Big Spender    Lucky Day Productions Inc. for You Belong to Me
643510 B.C. Ltd.    MacBen Productions Inc
6509509 Canada Inc    Mackerel Pie Pictures, Inc.
672358 BC Ltd    Make Believe Studios for Very Bad Men
681417 Ontario Ltd.    Maneaters Films Inc
687895 BC Ltd    Margaret's Angel Productions Inc.
7 Things Productions Inc. for A Decent Proposal    Maritime Violine Productions Inc
72 Hours Inc.    Marshville Productions Inc.
72 Hours Season II Inc    Massey Productions Ltd.
72 Hours Season III Inc.    May Street Group Film, Video & Animation Ltd. for Croon
744770 B.C. Ltd.    McCully Project Development Ltd.
763520 Ontario Ltd.    Media Headquarters Film & Television Inc. for Souvenir of Canada
A Funny Thing Productions LTD.    Media Headquarters Film & TV Inc. for The Summit
A Nice Picture Company Pty Ltd.    Media Headquarters Film and Television for Polar Bears
Abbott/Ferguson Productions for XPM    Medusa Film Productions Inc. for the project Bulldog
Abella Entertainment Ltd.    Meet the Sumdees Film Inc.
Abroad Productions Inc.    Megalomedia Productions Inc for Vector One
Absolution Television Productions Inc.    Mentors IV Productions Inc.
Accent Entertainment Corporation    Mentors V Productions Inc.
Accent One Productions Inc for Beginner's Guide to Endings    Métaphore Télévision Inc.
Accent One Productions Inc. For Fast Food High    Mighty Jingle Productions
Ace Lightning II Productions Inc.    Mile Wide River Productions Inc.
Ace Pictures Signatory Ince.    Milestone Productions Inc for Shout (SC only)
Across The River Productins, Ltd.    Minds Eye Dev. Inc. for The Tommy Douglas Story
AD 2030 Productions Inc.    Mind's Eye Dev. Ltd.. for Green Grass, Running Water
Adoptions II Productions Inc. for Adoption Stories 2061    Minds Eye Development Inc for Heaven and Earth: The Major Walsh Stor
Advance Film Grp Inc. for Deep Sleepers    Minds Eye Development Inc. for Crude
Air Farce TV 11 Inc.    Minds Eye Development Inc. for Damon
Air Farce TV 13 Inc    Minds Eye Dvlpt. Inc. for The Salé/Pelletier Story
Air Farce TV 14 Inc.    Mind's Eye Pictures (Alberta) Ltd. for An Intern's Diary
Air Farce TV10 Inc.    Mind's Eye Pictures (Alberta) Ltd. For Watergate North
Air Farce TV12 Inc.    Minds Eye Prds Inc. for Stubble Jumpers
Alan Handel Productions III for Standing in the Shadow    Missing Productions I Corp.
Alberta Filmworks for the project Medak Pocket    Missing Productions II Corp
Alberta Filmworks Movie Five Inc.    Missing Productions III Corp.
Alberta Filmworks Movie Four Inc.    Moccasin Flats Films Inc.
Alberta Filmworks Movie Last Inc.    Model Productions Inc.
Alberta Filmworks Movie V Inc.    Modern Manners Productions Inc. for 15/Love
Alcina Pictures for Wednesday's Child    Modus Operandi 2000 Enterprises Inc for Malabar Court
Alcina Pictures for the project Smashed    Molly's Reach Productions Inc.
Alice I Think Productions Inc    Monday Report I Inc.
Alice Productions (Muse) Inc.    Monday Report II Inc.
All About Me 2 Productions Inc.    Monkeywrench Productions Inc.
All About Me Productions Inc.    Morag Loves Company for Alligator
All I Want Productions Inc    Morag Productions Inc.
Allan King Associates Limited    Movie Venture Inc.
Alliance Atlantis    Moving Films Inc.
Alliance Atlantis Prods Ltd. (On The Run Productions Inc.)    MTR Entertainment/Have Mercy Inc.
Alliance Atlantis Productions Alberta Inc.    Muddy Water Productions Inc.
Alliance Atlantis Productions Ltd    Mulholland Development Inc
Alliance Atlantis Productions Ltd.    Mustard Pancake Productions
Altitude Productions Inc.    Mutant X Productions II Limited
Amaze Film & Television for My Life as a Pimp    Mutant X Productions III Limited
Amaze Film & Television for Ghost Ship    Mutant X Productions Ltd.
Amaze Film & Television Inc for Sugar Shack    Muziki Productions Inc.
Amaze Film & TV for Finn on the Fly    M-Ways II Productions Corp.
Amaze Film & TV for Inner City Girl    M-Ways Productions Corp.
Amberwood Productions (Benjamin Bear) Inc.    Mystery Wheels Productions Inc.
Amberwood Productions Inc. for My Teen Genie    Mystique Films Ltd for Banished
Ambition's Debt Prds. Inc.    Mystique Films Ltd. for The Dead of Winter
Ambush Films Inc.    Mystique Films Ltd. for the project Innocent Graves
Anaid Developments Incorporated for Natural Disasters    Myth Quest Productions (Alberta) Inc.
Andromeda (II) Productions Ltd.    Myth Quest Productions II Inc.
Andromeda (III) Productions Ltd.    Myth Quest Productions Inc.
Andromeda (V) Productions Ltd.    Nation Buuilding Productions Inc.
Andromeda Productions Ltd.    National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation
Animal Tales Productions Inc.    Nelvana Limited for Stevie Diamond Mysteries
Annau Inc.    Nelvana Limited for The Eleventh Hour
Ardmore Productions Ltd.    Nelvana Limited for The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray
Artec Media II Inc    Network Pictures Ten Inc. for The Life and Times of Ron Lancaster.
Artec Media Inc.    Never on a Sunday Productions Inc.
Artizan Productions Inc.    Nevernever Productions Inc.
ASLI Films Inc    NF (Jonestown) Inc.
Associated Prds Ltd. for Boxing Day:The Tommy Burns Story    Nicey Nice (Copperheart) Productions Inc.
Associated Producers for Spadina    No Equal Ent. for the project Six Months and a Day
Associated Producers Ltd. For Foster Family    No Equal Entertainment for Lost Coast
Associated Producers Ltd. for Spadina    No Equal Entertainment Inc for It's Good Stuff
Associated Producers Ltd. for Time Travel Kids    No Equal entertainment Inc. for The List
Asylum Productions Alberta Inc.    No Equal Entertainment Inc. for the project Spadework
Atlantic 15 Productions Inc.    Nomadic Pictures Corp. for Murder at the Presidio
Atlantic 4 Productions Inc.    Norco Productions Inc.
Avanti Pictures Corp. for Cold Clear Morning    Norflicks Prds Ltd. for Hill 195
Babes In The Woods Prds Inc. for Stanley Park    Norfolk International Ltd.
Baby Vision II Inc.    Normal Film Company Inc.
Baby Vision Inc.    North Central Films III Inc
Back Alley (Exposed) Inc.    North Central Films Two Inc.
Back Alley Film Productions (Montreal) Ltd.    North of 60 Movie Six Inc.
Back Alley Film Productions Ltd.    North South Productions Incorporated
Backroad Films Corporation for Bite the Stars    Not Fade Away Films Inc.
Backroad Films Corporation for Flesh and Blood    Nothing Inc.
Bad Dog Red Films Inc.    Novelette Productions Inc.
BAGB Productions Inc.    Nowhere to Run Productions Inc.
Bar Harbour Films Inc.    NR2 Productions Inc.
Barely Cooking Productions Inc.    NTM II Productions Inc.
Barna-Alper Productions Inc.    NTM III Productions Inc
Battered Productions Inc.    NTM Productions Inc.
Beast Productions Inc.    Numb Productions Inc
Beastly Vision Inc.    Oasis Productions Inc.
Becoming Human Pictures Inc.    Ocean Entertainment for Foo's Paradise
Bedbugs Films for Photograph at Full Moon Point (SC Only)    Ocular Productions for Sticks and Stones
Besa Entertainment Inc. for Bone House    Odd Man Out Films
Best Years Productions Inc.    Off Road Films Inc.
BF II Productions Incorporated    Oil Rigger Productions Inc.
Big 8 Films Inc.    Olympia Films Inc. for the production B.S.
Big Comfy Corp.    Omni Film Productions Limited and Key to the Midway
Big Firm II Productions Ltd.    Omni Film Productions Limited and Booming Out: Rebuilding The World
Big Green Hat Productions Inc.    Omni Film Productions Limited and Missing Sarah
Big Motion Pictures Ltd.    Omni Film Productions Limited and Running on a Dream, 25 years after
Big Pictures Entertainment Inc    On Time Productions Ltd.
Big Sky Pictures Inc.    One Pound One Productions Inc.
Billable Hours II Productions Limited    Onkle Bongo Production, Inc. for House Party
Billable Hours Productions Limited    OP Beach I Inc for Falcon Beach: The Series
Bitten Productions Inc.    OP Development Inc for Bury My Heart
Black Friday Productions Inc.    OP Development Inc.
Blake Holsey Productions Inc.    OP Development Inc. for Falcon Beach:The Series
BLT Productions Ltd for Last Chance Café    OP Development Inc. for the tv project Cricket
Blue Fez Productions    OP Mysteries Inc.
Blue Moon Productions Inc for Real Western (SC Only)    Opportunity Knox Inc for Grown Up Movie Star
Blue Murder II Productions Inc.    Orca Productions Inc.
Blue Murder III Productions Inc.    Ordinary Hero Productions, Inc.
Blue Murder IV Productions Inc.    Original Kin
Blue Productions Inc.    Original Pictures Inc.
Bluestone Productions Inc.    Original Pictures Inc. (The Tribune & Advocate)
Boag Productions Inc.    Out of Whack Productions Inc
Boardwatch Productions Inc.    Out to See Entertainment - Geminis Inc. (for the 21st Annual…
Body and Soul Productions I Inc.    Outer VI Productions Inc.
Bombs Away Productions Inc    P Cubed Inc.
Bookey's Mark Inc.    P.W.K. Productions Inc.
Bookshorts, Inc.    Panacea Entertainment
Borealis Productions Inc.    Papa Alpha Productions Inc.
BRB History Bluffs Productions Inc.    Paradigm Pictures Corporation
Bread and Butter II Productions Inc    Parole Productions Inc
Bread and Butter Productions Inc.    Parole Productions Inc.
Breakthrough Films & Television Inc.    Paula Salvador Productions
Breakthrough Films & Television Inc.    Peace Country Films Ltd
Breakthrough Films & Television Inc. for Rachel's Dad    Pebblehut Doc IV Inc.
Brewster (BHH) Productions Inc.    Pebblehut DOC Series Inc.
Brightlight Pictures Development Inc.    Pebblehut F.B Eye Inc.
Brothers 4 Television Inc.    Pebblehut Too Inc. for Raven aka Midnight Dreary
Burke and Burke Inc for City Suites    Pebblehut Too Inc. for Roughing it in the Bush
Busiek II Productions Inc.    Pedro Productions
Busiek Productions Inc.    Pegasus Productions II Inc.
C/P Club Productions Inc.    Pegasus Productions III Inc
C/P Crimes Productions Inc.    Pegasus Productions Inc.
C7 KLM Inc    Perfect Productions Ltd.
Cable Beach Productions    Perfect Stranger Productions Inc
Cake Productions Inc.    Persistence Pictures Inc.
Callday Films Inc.    Philip Kates Productions
Cam Entertainment & Force One Television Productions    Philms Pictures Inc for The Business - Season II
Cambium Film & Video Productions Ltd.    Phunkee Zee I Limited
Cameron Cruz Productions Inc.    Pillar of Salt Productions
Canadian Accents (Famously Pilot) Inc.    Pinewood Films Inc.
Canadian Accents (Is It Art) Productions Inc.    Pink Sky Entertainment Inc for A Date to Remember
Canadian Film Centre    Popcultured Productions Inc
Canadian in Hollywood Productions Inc.    Pope Productions Ltd.
Cansong Productions Inc    Prairie Dog Film & Television Ltd.
Canstar Media Development Corp.    Prairie Pants Production III Inc.
Capri Films Ic for Watership Down    Prairie Pants Productions II Inc.
Capri Films Inc for Gucci    Prairie Pants Productions III Inc.
Capri Films Inc for Muskoka    Prairie Pants Productions Inc.
Capri Films Inc for Troll Under the Table    Prairie Pants Productions IV
Capri Films Inc. for America's Sweetheart    Premier School Agendas Ltd.
Capri Films Inc. for Burden of Desire    Presidio Productions Inc.
Capri Films Inc. for High Rise    Principia Productions Ltd for When in Rome
Capri Films Inc. for Lives of the Saints    Probity Pictures Ltd.
Capri Films Inc. for The Knight & the Loathly Lady    Production Last Exit Inc.
Capri Films Inc. for Villeneuve    Prospero Entertainment Group Inc. for The Giver
Capri Lives Productions Inc for 'Noir' Series    Protocol (Brewery) Productions Inc.
Captain L Productions Inc.    Protocol (New Girl) Productions Inc.
Carol Reynolds Productions Inc.    Protocol (Saddle Club) Productions 2
Casting Couch IV Productions Inc.    Protocol (Train 2) Productions Inc.
Casting Couch V Productions Inc.    Protocol (Train 3) Productions Inc.
Catalyst Entertainment (Productions) Inc.    Protocol (Train) Productions Inc.
CCI Productions Ltd.    Protocol Entertainment Inc.
Celebrated Genesis Productions Inc.    Pryor Productions Inc.
Chain of Title Holdings Ltd.    PTV Productions Inc.
Changing Houses Productions Inc    Pulling Focus Pictures Inc.
Chap-Elle Productions Inc for Level 16 (SC Only)    Pure Evil Productions Inc
Chasing Tales Productions Inc    Pyramid Entertainment Inc
Cherry Peppers Productions Ltd.    Q.A.F. IV Productions Limited
Chesler/ Perlmutter Productions Inc.    QAF II Productions Ltd.
Chic Productions Inc/M.S.I. Entertainment/CHIC - Drama T.V.    QAF III Productions Limited
Choice Films Inc.    QAF V Productions Limited
Chronicle Pictures Inc.    Quest for the West Inc.
CinImage Films Inc.    Quizmaster Productions Incorporated
CinImage Productions    QVF Inc. for Bleeders
Cinimage Productions    Radical Sheep Productions Inc.
Circling the Drain Productions Inc.    RAE TV Inc.
Circus II Productions Inc.    Rag TV Inc.
Cite Productions    Raincoast Storylines Ltd.
Clara Communications Inc for South of Detroit    Rainshadow Media Ltd for They Wait
Clarence Square Pictures Inc.    Rainshadow Media Ltd.
Code 2 Productions Inc    Raintree Pictures PTE Ltd.
Code 2 Productions Inc. for Ivy & Dummy    Ransen Productions Inc.
Code 2 Productions, Inc. for the Freshman    RavenHD Productions Ltd.
Code Talk Productions Inc.    Real to Reel Productions Inc.
Code2 Productions Inc.    Really Big Bug Movies Ltd.
Code2 Productions Inc.    Red Devil Films Ltd. for These Girls
Code2 Productions Inc. for Delilah and Julius    Red Green Productions Inc.
Cold Squad V Productions Inc.    Red Green Productions XI Inc.
Cold Squad VI Productions Inc.    Red Green Productions XII Inc.
Cold Squad VII Productions Inc.    Red Green Productions XIII Inc.
Collector Four Productions Inc    Red Green Productions XIV Inc.
Collector Productions Inc.    Red Green Productions XV Inc.
Collector Three Productions Inc    Red Queen Productions
Collector Two Productions Inc.    Red Rabbit Pictures Inc.
Collideascope Digital Entertainment for PGTV    Reel Girls Media
Comic Genius Live Productions    Reel Rich Productions Inc.
Communicado Associates Inc.    Renegade Press Productions III Inc.
Conquering Lion Pictures for 9.79 The Rise and Fall of Ben Johnson    Renegade Press Productions Inc.
Conquering Lion Pictures for King of the Royals    Renegade Press Productions IV Inc.
Conquering Lion Pictures Inc for Backbone: The Maestro Fresh Wes Sto    RGB Productions Inc.
Construct III Productions Inc.    RGB Productions Inc. for Heartland Medical
Construct IV Productions Inc.    Rhombus Media Inc.
Construct V Productions Inc.    Richard Elwood
Cookie Jar Development Inc.    Rick Mercer Report III
Cookie Jar Development Inc. for Tadpole    Rick Mercer Report IV Inc.
Coolbrook Productions    RIP Productions (Alberta) Inc.
Coolbrook Productions    River Styx Pictures
Coolbrook Productions, Inc.    Riverain Productions Ltd.
Copperheart Entertainment Inc. for Splice    Riverside Entertainment
CORE / 22 Chaser Production Limited    R-Man Productions Inc.
CORE Film Productions for Third Grade Creature Corps    Road Between My Ears Inc.
Costume & Production Services Inc.    Robson Arms Productions Inc
Counterspin, Inc.    Round Table Films Inc. for The Spin
Cradle Will Fall Productions Inc.    Roy Krost Productions Ltd.
Creative Anarchy    RPM No. 1 Productions Inc.
Creative Atlantic Communications for Johnny Miles    Ruby Line Productions Inc.
Creative Atlantic Communications Ltd. For All Fall Down    Run With Us Productions for Larsopia
Creative Atlantic for Seadogs    S&S Productions Inc.
Credo Entertainment Corporation    S&S Productions Inc.
Crescent Ent. Ltd. for Gift for the Little Master    Sacred Balance Productions Inc.
Crescent Ent. Ltd. For The Doukhobors    Safehaven Productions Inc.
Crescent Entertainment for The Time in Between    Salaam Shalom Productions, on behalf of a company to be incorporated
Crescent Entertainment for Insurgency AKA Incendiary    Salmon Land Productions Inc.
Crescent Entertainment for Loving Lena    Sarrazin Couture Entertainment Inc.
Crescent Entertainment for The Secret Lives of Dog Catchers    Sarrazin Productions Inc.
Crescent Entertainment Ltd for Cancer - A Practical Application    Savi Development Inc. and Thunderbird Development Inc.
Crescent Entertainment Ltd. (Outpost)    Savi Development Inc. for Chinatown Diaries
Crescent Entertainment Ltd. For Blood - The Series    Savi Development Inc. for Crusade
Crescent Entertainment Ltd. For Happyland    Savi Development Inc. for Handiwork
Cullen Robertson Productions Inc.    Savi Development Inc. for Handiwork
Curler Productions Inc.    Savi Development Inc. for Slow Boat to China
Curzon Village Productions Inc.    Savi Development Inc. for The Baby Game
Cyrano Productions    Savi Development Inc. for The Friends of Dottie Cobb
Da Da Kamera Pictures Inc. for Silent Witness    Schafer Thurling Prds Inc. for Devil Boyz
da da kamera pictures inc. for the project A Tryst With Destiny    Schafer Thurling Prds Ltd. for On The Blood
Da Vinci City Films Inc.    Scintilla Entertainment Inc
Da Vinci City Productions    Screen Door (MVP) Productions Inc.
Da Vinci Productions (IV) Inc.    Screen Door Inc.
Da Vinci Productions (V) Inc.    Screen Siren Pictures Inc for Breaking Ranks
Da Vinci Productions (VI) Inc.    Screen Siren Pictures Inc for The Leper's Bell
Da Vinci Productions (VII) Inc.    Screen Siren Pictures Inc. for the project Luna
Dallaire Productions Inc.    Screenventures International Inc.
Dancing Trout Productions Inc.    Sean Cullen Xmas Special Ltd. For Sean Cullen's Home for Xmas
Dar II Productions Inc    Second Wave Productions Inc. (Joshua Slocum Prdns. Ltd.)
Dar III Productions Inc.    Serendipity Point Films for God's Gift
Darcy Productions Limited    Serendipity Point Films for Last Stop, Paris
Darius Films Inc for Defendor (SC Only)    Serendipity Point Films for Where the Truth Lies
Darius Films Inc for Maid of the Mist    Serendipity Point Films Inc.
Darius Films Inc. for Plastic Owls    Serendipity Point Films Inc. for G Spot
Darius Films Inc. for the project Weirdsville    Serendipity Point Films Inc. for Somebody Loves You
Dark Flowers Productions Inc.    Serendipity Point Films Inc. for Untitled Megan Martin Project
Dark Years Productions Inc.    Serendipity Point Films Inc. for the project Barney's Version
Decker Films Inc.    Serendipity Point Projects Inc. for Being Julia
Decode / Zack Productions Inc.    Serendipity Point Projects Inc. for Men With Brooms II
Decode/Blobheads Productions Inc.    Serendipity Point Projects Inc. for No Other Life
Decode/Freaks Productions Inc.    Serendipity Point Projects Inc. for Painkillers
Decode/Nutley Productions Inc.    Serendipity Point Projects Inc. for the project The Statement
Decode/Roscoe Productions 2 Inc.    Sewer Films Inc
Decode/Sadie Productions 2 Inc.    Sexual Intelligence Inc.
Decode/Sadie Productions 3    Seymour & From Productions
Decode/Wraparound Productions Inc.    Seymour & From Productions 2 Inc.
Decode/Zack Productions 2 Inc.    SG Films Inc.
Deeply Curious Productions Inc.    Shaftesbury Aladdin I Inc.
Defiant Entertainment for Blackbirds    Shaftesbury CanLit I Inc.
DeJa Productions Inc.    Shaftesbury Cityhawk Inc
Demi-Monde Productions Ltd.    Shaftesbury Dark Oracle II Inc
Devine Entertainment Corporation    Shaftesbury Development Inc.
Devine Productions Ltd.    Shaftesbury Developments Inc. For Debbie Palmer Project
DG Productions Inc.    Shaftesbury Films Inc.
Dilemma Production Inc. for A World Apart    Shaftesbury Films Inc. for Mischief City
Dinosapien Productions Inc    Shaftesbury Heroes Inc
Diva Productions Inc.    Shaftesbury HFTH Inc.
Divani Films Inc.    Shaftesbury Jane Show I Inc
Diversus Productions    Shaftesbury Jane Show II Inc.
DLM II Productions Inc.    Shaftesbury Kids II Inc.
DLM Productions Inc.    Shaftesbury Kids V Inc.
Dogs with Jobs 3 Inc.    Shaftesbury LLHP Inc. and 635665 British Columbia Ltd.
Dogs with Jobs 4 Inc.    Shaftesbury Murdoch I Inc.
Dogs with Jobs 5    Shaftesbury Mysteries IV Inc.
Domus Entertainment    Shaftesbury Mysteries VI Inc.
Doodlebops II Productions Inc    Shaftesbury Mysteries VII Inc.
Doodlebops III Productions Inc.    Shaftesbury Mysteries VIII Inc.
Doodlebumps Productions, Inc.    Shaftesbury Regenesis II Inc
Double Shoot Productions Ltd    Shaftesbury Regenesis III Inc.
Downhill Productions Inc.    Shaftesbury Robber Inc
Dramatic Detour Productions Inc for The Donna Lawrence Story    Shaftesbury WE Productions Inc.
Dream Street Pictures Inc.    She Productions Inc.
Dreamsmith BFC Productions Inc.    Sheep Noir Films Inc
Dreamsmith Entertainment Inc.    Shoebox Productions Inc.
Dreamsmith LKH Productions Inc.    Show Me Yours III Productions Inc
Driving Dreams Prods Inc    Sienna Films for Sibs
Duchess Productions Inc for Bond of Grief    Sienna Films for The Fires
E1 Television Productions, Ltd.    Sienna Films Inc. for Glow Dog
E1 Television Productions, Ltd.    Sienna Films Inc. for Step
Easy Mountain Productions Ltd. For Mutant X IV    Sienna Films Inc. for the production Infiltration
Edmonton Drug Treatment & Community Restoration Court    Sienna Films Productions II Inc.
Eleven Cameras Inc    Signatory Company Inc., A
Eleventh Hour Productions Inc.    Simply Tuscan Productions
Eli Films Ltd.    Six Island Productions Inc. for Grace
Ellis Vision Incorporated    Slanted Wheel Ent. for The Formerly Secret Life of Marty Valentine
Elwood Ink Limited    Slanted Wheel Ent. Inc. for Girl Sleuth
Emile Productions Inc.    Slanted Wheel Entertainment for Cat's Crossing
Endless Grind Inc., The (Greg Lawrence)    Slanted Wheel Entertainment for Fearsome Particles
Enfant Terrible Films    Slanted Wheel Entertainment for Molly Lurch
Enter The Picture    Slanted Wheel Entertainment Inc for Blood Sports
enter the picture communications inc for 20th Annual Gemini Awards    Slanted Wheel Entertainment Inc for Brain
enter the picture communications inc for Gemini 20th Anniversary Sp    Slanted Wheel Entertainment Inc for Dead Sparrows
Episode 16 Productions    Slanted Wheel Entertainment Inc for June Callwood
Episode 17 Productions Inc.    Slanted Wheel Entertainment Inc for My Superstar
Episode 18 Productions Inc.    Slanted Wheel Entertainment Inc. for Lady Barbara
Episode 19 Productions Inc.    Slanted Wheel Entertainment Inc. for Mike Danton
Episode 20 Productions Inc.    Slanted Wheel Entertainment Inc. for Raging Days
Epitome Pictures Inc.    Slanted Wheel Entertainment Inc. for Satellite Kid
Epitome Pictures Inc.    Slanted Wheel Entertainment Inc. for The Beckoners
Erky Perky Series II (Canada), Inc. for Erky Perky Series 2    Slanted Wheel Entertainment Inc., for Valhalla
Eugenia Educational Foundation    Slanted Wheel Entertainment Ltd. for Plague City: SARS in Toronto
Even Bigger Bug Movies Ltd.    Slanted Wheel Entertainment Ltd. for City of Ice
Excel Film Productions Inc.    Slanted Wheel Entertainment Ltd. for Friend of the Family, A
Exhibit A Season V Inc.    Slanted Wheel Entertainment Ltd. For Risking it All
Fabulous Productions Inc.    Slanted Wheel Entertainment Ltd. for Summer Hit
Face to Face Media Ltd.    Slanted Wheel Entertainment, Inc. for Dark Room
Fake City Films Corp    Slate Development Limited
Farce (TV9) Inc.    Sleepless in Vancouver Productions Inc.
Farmhouse Productions Limited for Sutherland High (Live Action)    Small Pond Productions
Fast Productions Ltd for Almost Human    Smuggler Productions Inc.
Fatal Passage Productions Ontario Inc & Fatal Passage Production Nov    Snowflake Rally Productions Inc.
Fatherland Productions Inc.    Soapbox Productions Inc.
Federgreen Entertainment Inc.    SOC Films Inc for Souvenir of Canada
Fertile Ground Productions Inc. for Sexual Intelligence    Soma Television Limited for Ram and Company
Fetch Productions Inc.    Somnapix Inc. for Not In My Backyard
Fiddlehead III Entertainment Inc.    Sorya Productions Inc. (4136314 Canada Inc)
Fiddlehead IV Entertainment Inc.    Souleado Entertainment Inc for A Time To Quit
Fiddlehead V Entertainment Inc.    Souleado Entertainment Inc.
Film Works Ltd., The    Sound Venture Productions Ottawa Limited
Finkelfilms BC Inc for Raw (SC only)    Spacious Bachelor Productions Inc.
Firecorp VII Productions Inc.    Spider Riders Productions Inc
Firecorp XII Productions Inc.    Spider Web Pictures/Nedji Corp
Fireworks Media Inc.    Spiral Media Inc.
Firvalley Productions Inc    Spirit In Her Voice Productions Inc.
Flatly Stacked Films Inc.    Spiritual Productions Inc.
Floored By Love Productions    Spontaneous Human Combustions Productions Inc.
Force Four Films Ltd for Jack of Diamonds    Stacked Like Me Films Inc
Force Four Films Ltd. - Love Beta    Standing 8 Productions Inc and Trilogy Entertainment North Ltd
Force Four Prds Ltd.- Jinnah on Crime Photo Finish    Standing 8 Productions Inc for Poor Boy's Game
Force Four Prods Ltd. For Wonderman Vs. Destructo    Starhunter 2300 Productions Ltd.
Force Four Productions Inc. For Soul Custody    Stephen Onda Productions
Force Four Productions Ltd for Air India    Stir Productions Corp
Force Four Productions Ltd for Witness Protection    Stornoway Productions Inc.
Force Four Productions Ltd for Dancing With Danger    straight edge films inc. For Cereal Thriller: An Investigation into
Force Four Productions Ltd for Rafay and Burns    Student Body Productions Inc.
Force Four Productions Ltd.    Studio B (Being Ian IV) Productions Inc.
Force Four Productions Ltd. For Jinnah On Crime    Studio B Development Inc. for Spot the Cat
Forest of the Dead Productions    Stump Productions Limited
Fos Films    Submission Film Productions Inc
FOTP Productions Inc    Such a Pretty Production Ltd.
Foundry Films Inc.    Sue Kenney and Associates
Four Heroes Productions Inc.    Sugarfilm Canada Inc.
Four Seasons Productions Inc.    Sullivan Entertainment Inc.
Frances Films II Inc.    Summit Films Inc.
Frantic Films Live Action Development Inc    Summit Films Ltd.
Freefall Productions Inc.    Supernatural Productions Inc.
Frozen Files V Productions Inc.    Suspended Productions (SASK) Inc.
Frozen Files VI Productions Inc.    Suspended Productions Inc.
Fruit Fly Film Inc.    SWF Productions Inc.
FTE Productions Inc.    SWG TV Inc
Full Stop Films Inc.    SWSG II TV Inc. and SWSG III Inc.
GAF I Productions Inc    System Productions Inc.
Gallery Film Inc.    T Man Productions Inc.
GCW Productions Inc    T.P. Productions Inc.
Georgian Inc. for Rent-a-goalie    Tacoma Dramatic Development Corp for Crimes of Passion Episodes 1-6
GFT Command Films Inc.    Tagish Lake Films Inc.
Gigi II Productions Inc.    Take 3 Prds Inc. for Stolen Life
Girl Fight Productions Ltd.    Take 3 Productions Inc.
GMI Productions Ltd    Tanner's Beach Productions
GMI Productions Series II Ltd.    Tanners Beach Productions for Sunshine Sketches
Goh West Productions Inc.    Tapestry Pictures Inc.
Going To The Movies Inc.    Tara Raquel Cates
Gordon Media Inc.    Teleview Productions Limited
Gospel Jubilee 2003 Inc.    Template Entertainment for Lussion
Gospel of Deceit Productions Inc    Tempo Productions Inc.
Grace Fusillo/Fuel Productions Inc.    Terminal TV Productions Ltd.
Grana Productions Inc. for Something to Hide    Terminal TV Productions Ltd. For Terminal City
Great Canadian Film Factory for Stalled    Terra Images Inc
Great lodges Productions Inc.    Terra Rossa Pictures
Great Surveyor Productions Inc.    The Gavin Crawford Show III Ltd.
Green Room Film Company Ltd.    The Koan Project Ltd.
Grizzly Heart Productions Inc.    The Light-house Pictures Lt-Irreverant Media Ltd
Guardian Films Inc./En Garde Films Inc.    The Manic Organic Productions Inc.
Guinea Pig Productions Ltd.    The Nightingale Company
Gwen Productions Inc.    The Nightingale Company for The Arthur Kent Story
Haddock Entertainment Inc.    The Shakey Speare Comedy Show inc
Hard Pass Productions Inc.    The Truth About Productions Incorporated
Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs Series II    This Child Productions Inc.
HaydenKid Productions Inc. for The Weekly Show with Daryn Jones    This Just In Productions II Inc.
Headtrip Films Inc    This Just In Productions Inc.
Hearthstone Investments Ltd. For Winter's Tale    Three Blondes Inc
Heroic Film Company II    Threeway Productions Inc.
Hiding Productions Inc.    Til Death Television Productions, Inc.
High Definition Pictures Inc for Juliana and the Medicine Fish    Time Code Pictures Inc.
Higher Ground Specials, Inc.    Timeblazers Series II Inc.
Hildebrand Productions, Inc.    Timetrackers Inc.
History Bites Productions Inc.    Tipi Tales
History Bites Productions Inc.    TL Boulton Boulton Productions for Moody Food
History Bites V Productions Inc.    Tom Stone Productions II Inc.
HM1 Productions Inc    Tom Stone Productions Inc.
Homemade Holy Places Inc    Topsail Entertainment for the production Pier 21 Drama
Hope Dies Last Productions Inc.    Topsail Entertainment for the production Rideau Hall
Hotel Babylon Productions Inc for Hotel Babylon Season I    Topsail Entertainment for the production The Creeps Next Door
House Next Door Productions Inc.    Tracker Productions Corp.
House of Films Inc.    Trail of the Pandas
Howe Sound Films Inc.    Treasure House Productions Ltd. for Mist on the River
Human Wildlife Productions Inc.    Triad Film Productions Ltd. EQ
Hungry Eyes Film & TV for the Production of Guns    Triad Film Productions Ltd. (Joshua Slocum Prdns. Ltd.)
Hungry Eyes/Film Food Inc on behalf of the prodco for Common Law    Triad Teaching Peace Productions Ltd.
I Love Trees Productions Inc.    Tribulation Force Productions Inc.
Ice Planet Canada (1) Ltd.    Tribune Entertainment Company
Idle Mind Inc.    Triple Threat Productions Inc
Idlewild Films Limited    Triptych Media Inc.
I'm Feeling Lucky Productions, Inc. for JPOD    True West Films Ltd for Extinction Even Pilot
Image Works Alberta Inc., The    TTS Productions Inc.
Imagination Film & Television Productions Inc.    Tut Tut Productions Inc.
ImagiNation Productions    TVA International I Inc.
imX communications inc. for The Can    TVA International IV Inc.
Incandescent Films    TVA International IV Inc. for Motel 51
Incendo My Bro Productions Inc    Two By Two Productions for The Life of Riley
Incredible Story Productions V    UAC Productions Inc.
Independent Moving Pictures IMP Inc / Prairie Threat Entertainment    UGTV Inc
Independent Moving Pictures Inc.    Ultimate 1 Productions Inc.
Indestructable Productions Inc.    Undying Productions Inc.
Indian Grove Productions Ltd.    Union Island Productions Inc.
Indivisual Productions Inc.    Up Sky Down Films
Infamous Productions Canada Inc    Up The Hill Productions II Ltd.
Infinity Features Development Inc    Up The Hill Productions Ltd.
Infinity Filmed Ent. Group Ltd for Cariboo Runaways    Uphill Productions 2 Inc.
Infinity Filmed Ent. Group Ltd for Race of the Century    Uphill Productions 2, Inc.
Infinity Filmed Entertainment Group Ltd for Unquiet Dead    Uphill Productions Inc
Infinity Filmed Entertainment Group Ltd.    Us Lions Entertainment Inc.
Infinity Filmed Entertainment Group Ltd. For Take Down:Christine    Valentine Productions Canada Inc.
Infinity Films    Vanguard Entertainment Inc.
Infinity Media Development Inc. for Love Rack    Venus Pictures Inc.
Inkling Entertainment Inc    Verite Films Inc. for the renegade
Inner City Films Development Inc.    Victorious Films Inc.
Inner Vision Productions Inc.    Voice Entertainment Inc. for Terri Clark: Real
Innocent Man Productions    Voice Pics Dev Corp and Muse Ent. Enterp with Indian Grove Prds Inc.
Inquisition Productions Inc.    Voice Pictures Inc.
Insight Production Company Ltd for The Gayest Show on Earth    Watchdog Productions Inc.
Insight Production Company Ltd. For Valleyheart West    Watcher Films I, Inc.
Insight Production Company Ltd. for Wasaga Beach    Watcher Films Inc.
Insight Production Company Ltd. For What If?    Water Pictures Development Inc.
Insight Production Company Ltd. for Where's Stanley    Water Street Pictures Ltd.
Insight Production Company Ltd.for Hockey Boys    Wednesdays Child Productions Inc
Insight-Comedy Gold Ltd. For Comedy Gold    West Street Neutral Pictures Inc.
Insight-Falcon Beach 2 Ltd.    WestWind Pictures Inc. for Pray for Me
Insight-Hatching Matching and Dispatching Ltd    Westwind Pictures Ltd for The Velvet Devil
International Documentary Television Corp. Ltd. (DOCTV)    Wheelwright Ink Limited
Interstate 80 Production Inc.    White Pine Pictures for Holding the Line
Investigative Productions Inc c.o.b.a White Pine Pictures for Holdi    Whiting Communications Ltd.
Investigative Productions Inc cob as White Pine Pictures for Becomi    Whizbang Entertainment Inc.
Irreverent Media Ltd for The Best Restaurant in the World Ever    Whizbang Films Inc.
Itch II Productions Inc., The    Why Not Productions Inc./Decode
ITD Productions Inc.    Wil Campbell Productions Ltd.
IYD II Productions Inc.    Wilbur Productions (Season I-II) Inc.
IYD Productions Inc.    Wild Zone Films
J.S.T. Productions Inc.    William Tells Productions Inc
January Films for the project After    Willow Island Films Inc.
January Films Ltd for Waking Beauty    Wind Christmas Productions Inc.
JCDC Productions Inc. for Untitled Global Television Pilot    Wolf Eyes Films Inc.
Jennifer Holness, prodco based on the series Common Law    Wooden Santas Productions Inc.
Jeremiah 2 Productions Limited Partnership    Woodfall Films Inc for Check-Out Time
Jeremiah Productions Limited Partnership    Written On A Napkin Productions, Inc.
John Eckert & Pasia Schonberg for The Promise    XIII Television Productions Inc
John Walker Productions, Ltd.    Yaletown Entertainment Corp.
Jonsworth Productions Inc.    Yankee Doodle Productions I Inc.
Jozi-H Canada Inc.    Yankee Doodle Productions II Inc.
JSK Holiday Productions Ltd.    Yesthisis Productions Inc.
JSK Warkworth Productions Ltd    You're Having Our Baby Documentary Production Inc.
julijette inc for Chasing the Devil aka Green River Killer    Z Films Inc.
julijette inc for The Igloo    Zark Entertainment Inc. for Rent-a-goalie
Just Cause Productions Inc. and Just Cause Productions (Saskatchewan    Zixx (III) Productions, Inc.
Justice Productions Inc.    Zixx Productions Inc.
K-9 Film Ltd    Zolar Productions Inc.
Kahani Inc for Kaju the Rickshaw     


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