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Article E1 - Recognition, Application and Terms

Article E1 - Recognition, Application and Terms

Corporate Production is production not intended initially for television or theatrical distribution and includes sponsored, corporate, industrial and multi-media production. Corporate Production includes programs containing visual, audio, graphic and text based information using film, videotape, audio tape, animation, graphics, photographs, print, interactive video disk, CD-ROM, slide tape, computers, chips and any other existing or new technologies.

The provisions of Article A apply to Corporate Production except as specifically modified herein:

E101 Application

This Article may apply to those Writers who are contracted based on the number of days work required rather than Program length, and paid a daily rate.

E102 Voluntary Recognition Agreement

Prior to the commencement of services, a combination Contract/ Voluntary Recognition Agreement to this Agreement shall be signed by the Producer, in the form attached as Appendix M, signifying acceptance of the terms and conditions contained herein. No Writer shall begin work without a signed contract, and upon signing, the Producer shall provide copies of the contract to the Guild Should the Producer require the Writer to prepare a Proposal or Tender for presentation to a Client prior to contracting the Writer, the Producer shall first sign a Letter of Agreement for Proposals (Appendix N) agreeing that the Writer shall be contracted for the assignment upon acceptance by the Client. Should the Proposal be rejected, all rights in and to the Script Material shall remain with the Writer, including the Concept, if provided by the Writer.


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