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Appendix O: Interpretation Committee

Appendix O: Interpretation Committee

If a dispute arises because:

i. there is a perceived ambiguity in this Agreement; or
ii. there is a matter not dealt with in this Agreement; or
iii. a literal interpretation of this Agreement would lead to an unintended, or unjust result:

then at the request of either party, the question will be discussed by an Interpretation Committee. The Interpretation Committee shall be an equal number of representatives of the Association and the Guild consisting of four (4) or six (6) representatives in total (excluding Guild or Association staff), each of whom shall have participated in the negotiation of this Agreement.

The Interpretation Committee shall meet within twenty-one (21) days and attempt to resolve the question by deciding:
i. the intent of the ambiguous Article;
ii. whether, and if so how, the Agreement should deal with the matter not dealt with; or
iii. notwithstanding the literal interpretation of the Agreement, whether the Agreement was intended to be interpreted in this manner.

Any resolution reached by the Interpretation Committee shall be a recommendation only, and non-binding on the parties.


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