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(See Article A704)

IPA 2003-2005

Effective as of: __________________________
Producer: __________________________
Address: __________________________
Story Editor’s Loan-out Company (if applicable): __________________________
Story Editor: __________________ WGC Number: ______________
Address: __________________ GST No: _______________
  __________________ Provincial tax No: _______________

If working as a team:

Story Editor’s Loan-out Company (if applicable): _________________________
Story Editor: ____________________ WGC Number: _________________
Address: ____________________ GST No: _________________
Type of Program: ____Television Series____
Broadcast Length: _______ Contracted Under Article: ____A8______
Name of Production: ___________________________________
Name of Episode (if applicable): ___________________________________
Tentative Credit: ___________________________________
Service Provided: ___________________________________

Fee*: $_______________

Please indicate if this is daily fee / per week / per month or per episode

*Article A803: Story Editors’ fees shall not be deductible from the Production Fee or Distribution Royalties.

Based on material supplied by Producer: No______Yes______ Specify:_______________________________________

Cheques shall be made payable to: ______________________________

Term of work engagement: _______________________________

Start date: _________________ Completion date:_____________

1. This agreement is subject to the terms of the current WGC Independent Production Agreement ("IPA"). All the terms of the IPA shall be deemed to be included herein, except where specific terms more beneficial to the Writer are included in this agreement in place of the relevant minimum terms in the IPA. If in any other respect any provisions of this agreement conflict with the terms and conditions of the IPA, then the IPA shall prevail, and in such event the conflicting provisions of this agreement shall be deemed to be modified to the extent necessary to cause it to conform to the terms and conditions of the IPA and, as modified, this agreement shall continue in full force and effect.
2. All additional terms must be attached as a rider hereto.
Producer Story Editor Loan-out Company Story Editor Loan-out Company
Per: _____________ Per: ____________ Per: ____________
Date: _____________ Date: ____________ Date: ____________
Story Editor (if no loan-out company) Story Editor Story Editor
________________ _________________ _________________
  Date: _________________ Date: _________________
Option to extend services: No ______  Yes______ Terms:___________________

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