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The WGA Implements its New Agency Code of Conduct


The WGC and the International Affiliation of Writers Guilds continue to stand with their sister guild, the Writers Guild of America, which implemented its new Code of Conduct for talent agents on April 13, 2019.

Going forward, current WGA members cannot continue to be represented by agencies that have not signed the Code of Conduct and must terminate their business relationship with non-signatory agencies. The WGA's FAQ on how to implement the Code of Conduct provides the requisite information on how its members should proceed.  

While we fully support our WGA brothers and sisters in their fight for fairness and transparency, this action concerns work performed in the U.S. and conducted under WGA jurisdiction — it does not apply to WGC-administered work in Canada. However, dual WGC/WGA members should be reviewing their U.S. agency representation and implementing the Code of Conduct for their work performed under WGA agreements. 

The WGA has prepared a full information package on the new Code of Conduct — including what it contains, how it should be implemented and a current list of signatory agencies — which is available here. Dual members should contact the WGA East or WGA West with any additional questions they might have.

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