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Sarah Dodd Named PSP Showrunner

Pacific Screenwriting Program

The Pacific Screenwriting Program, established earlier this year in partnership with the WGC, CMPA-BC, Creative BC and Netflix, is up and running with its first-ever Scripted Series Lab. WGC member Sarah Dodd is leading the course as showrunner.

Sarah will be overseeing a group of six B.C.-based writers, including WGC members Todd Ireland and Shawn Tolleson, along with Petie Chalifoux, Corie Liu, Michael Orlando and Kat Sieniuc, during the 14-week program that kicks off in January.

The B.C.-based producer and showrunner (Cardinal-CTV/Hulu, Zixx: Level Three-YTV/Cartoon Network) is tasked with mentoring the half-dozen active and aspiring writers through real-world story-room experience, boot camps and workshops designed to equip them with the skills, experience and contacts needed to enjoy a successful career in B.C.’s thriving screen industry. Shows on the go in the province right now include WGC President Dennis Heaton’s The Order and member Aaron Martin’s Another Life, both picked up in April by Netflix.

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