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Intellectual Property Registration Details

Registration Information
Information regarding your registrations may be obtained by contacting our receptionist.

Registration Duration
The registration of deposited material is valid for a term of five years.

The registration loses all value if the writer withdraws the material, as there will no longer be evidence that the material has been in the WGC's charge since the date of deposit. For this reason, it is important for the writer to always retain a separate copy of the literary material being registered.

Nonetheless, if the writer finds it necessary, the material can be returned upon the written request of the writer after providing the WGC with two pieces of identification and a written request. If the registration is in the names of more than one writer, other writers will be notified on a best-efforts basis of the withdrawal.

The withdrawal fees are:

          WGC members            $22.60 (CDN) per registration
          Non-WGC members   $39.55 (CDN) per registration

The above fees include HST. Under no circumstances will registered material be allowed out of the WGC files without the writer's consent, unless by court order or official guild action.