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WGC Harassment Policy

The Writers Guild of Canada does not tolerate harassment of our members. It’s more than sexual harassment alone — harassment includes discrimination, bullying, or violence. In order to formalize the Guild’s position, the WGC council has officially adopted the following procedural policy should an instance of harassment occur. If you have experienced harassment we want you to feel welcome to come to us, knowing that your Guild will listen, take your concerns very seriously, and guarantee confidentiality. 

Harassment Procedure

If, as a WGC member, you experience harassment and choose to report this experience to the Guild, please do so by contacting WGC Executive Director Maureen Parker. You can reach her by email at or leave a confidential message at 416-979-7907 extension 5223. Ms. Parker will review options available to you. Should you wish to take action the WGC will need your consent first. The Guild ensures that your anonymity will be protected if your harasser is contacted. A formal grievance may be filed against the harasser, but again, only with the member’s consent. Finally, any decisions regarding actions taken against a harasser will be made on a case-by-case basis. 

Canadian Creative Industries Coalition

The WGC is part of the industry coalition responsible for creating an industry-wide Code of Conduct. The coalition has a complimentary website with resources for industry members and updates from working groups making strides on education, training and awareness, and reporting mechanisms. The website can be accessed at