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CRTC Survey: How Canadians Consume Content

January 12, 2018

The CRTC has launched a survey on how Canadians consume content. Although the survey focuses primarily on consumption of content, not production, it does pose the question of how important programming made in Canada is to you personally, a question screenwriters as well as members of the public may wish to weigh in on. You'll find the survey here.
The survey is part of the CRTC’s review of the future of audio and video programming in Canada, which itself is a response to the September 28 “Creative Canada” announcement by Minister of Canadian Heritage Mélanie Joly. That announcement included the government’s intention to review the Broadcasting Act and Telecommunications Act. 
The WGC provided comments in the first phase of this review, which you can see here. As well, the Guild will comment in the second phase in response to the CRTC's reference document
The survey consists almost entirely of multiple choice questions and shouldn't take long to fill out — perhaps around ten minutes. The questions are about how, when, and on what platforms Canadians choose to consume the content they do, as well as the reasons why they make those choices. 


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