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When Should Members Call the Guild re: Contracting?

December 15, 2017

Some members don’t realize the WGC staff is here to help with issues you may have with your contract or payment. Here’s a handy list of times when you should be talking to the WGC’s agreement administration department.
  • Before you sign any contract, to make sure the company contracting you is signatory to one of the Guild's collective agreements. Don’t assume that because of the stature, activity level, or membership of the company in the CMPA, that they are signatory. Should you sign, and the producer is not signatory, it is you who could face discipline, not the engager. And we will not be able to work on your behalf if the producer defaults on any terms of that contract, such as failing to pay you, rewriting your script, or taking your rightful credit.
  • If you have not received a notification of writing credit and your project is within one week of going into production (two weeks if not a series).
  • If you have received a notice of writing credit and you have an objection to it.
  • If you have not been paid within 15 days of delivering your script material (30 days if the project has not been greenlit), or if you haven’t received your production fee on the first day of principal photography.
  • If your annual statement of earnings contains errors or omissions.
  • If your producer isn’t taking the appropriate withholdings for working dues and RRSP from your payments.
  • Any time you have questions or concerns about your contract.
You'll find the names of specific agreement administrators responsible for the project type you are working on at the contact us page on the WGC website. 

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