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WGC/Bell Media Diverse Screenwriters Intern

July 23, 2014

The WGC and Bell Media are pleased to announce the latest intern to be chosen from the Bell Media Diverse Screenwriters Program, western Canada session, Ms. Tami Gaby. Tami, based in Vancouver, will join the writers' room in a Bell Media dramatic series for a 12-week paid internship. Congratulations, Tami!

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Harold Greenberg Funding Announced

July 21, 2014

Congratulations to the many WGC members whose feature film scripts are receiving support via Bell Media’s Harold Greenberg Fund, announced this week. Twenty-two projects in all phases of script development are moving ahead through the fund's script development program, including films by the following WGC members: Michael Dowse, Johanna Schneller, Matt Watts, Barbara Samuels, Sherry White, Suzette Couture, Dennis Foon, Chaz Thorne, Adriana Maggs, Howie Wiseman and Alex Epstein. To see the complete list of projects, go to Bell Media’s Harold Greenberg Fund supports Script Development for 22 film projects.

Digital Projects Update

July 16, 2014

WGC members are active in the digital sphere, writing webseries, interactive games etc. Writers play a huge role in the digital industry, and the WGC supports digital writers through the Independent Production Agreement (IPA). Recently we've updated the members' digital projects page of the WGC website with some new content. Please have a look, and if you are a WGC member with current, produced digital projects you'd like to suggest, please contact Li Robbins:

Story Editor Survey

July 14, 2014

What are the issues and concerns that matter most to writers working in story rooms across Canada? How do these issues impact WGC members fees and contract negotiations? The WGC has created a story editor survey for members, intended to shed some light on these important issues. Please continue reading for more details.

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WGC Members ComedyPRO Discount

July 11, 2014

ComedyPRO explores all angles of comedy, including writing comedy for TV and feature film. The event takes place in Montreal from July 24th to 26th, and WGC members who would like to attend receive a 15% discount. View the complete ComedyPRO schedule here, and to register and claim your discount, contact Li Robbins:

WGC at Fan Expo 2014

July 11, 2014

For the fourth straight year the WGC will have a strong presence at Fan Expo in Toronto (Aug. 28-31) with a series of fan-oriented screenwriting panels. Fan Expo is huge — the third largest pop culture event in North America, drawing over 120,000 fans (according to organizers). Past WGC panels include “Send in the Clones: Writing Orphan Black,” “Writing, Making and Selling Your Web Series,” “Animation Adaptation,” and “Fan Panel: Todd and the Book of Pure Evil.”  Stay tuned to the WGC website for details on the WGC panels at Fan Expo 2014.

WGC's Maureen Parker: Playback's Union Report

July 9, 2014

Playback Online's 2014 "unions and guilds report" is now publicly available, and in it WGC Executive Director Maureen Parker addresses questions on challenges faced by the guild, as well as speaking to some of the guild's many recent successes. As Playback's introduction to the feature frames it: "While the Canadian production sector is thriving, new media continues to put pressure on Canada’s unions, guilds and professional associations," noting that change can also be a time when unions and guilds thrive. Find out how organizations including ACTRA, the DGC, the CMPA, and the SCGC view current industry realities, starting with 2014 Unions & Guilds Report: WGC.

Writers Talking TV Makes News

July 2, 2014

Last week's edition of Writers Talking TV (WTTV), featuring Bitten showrunner Daegan Fryklind, inspired two TV journalists to write pieces about WTTV, Daegan, and about the Canadian screenwriting community. Have a look at Writers Guild invites aspiring talent to take a ‘bite’ (TV Guide Canada) and Bitten - Set Visit and WTTV Event with Daegan Fryklind And if you'd like to listen to any of the WTTV podcasts, including Daegan's conversation about Bitten with host Denis McGrath, you can access the archive here.

WGC's Response to CRTC's Let's Talk TV

June 27, 2014

The WGC has filed our submission to the CRTC regarding the commission's “Let’s Talk TV”  Broadcasting Notice of Consultation 2014-190. Let's Talk TV is an effort to create a new framework for the Canadian television system, and the WGC's response makes sure that the interests of writers are supported.

In the spirit of the Let’s Talk TV process, the submission begins by sharing our vision for Canadian television. As well, we respond to specific issues in the notice that are of particular importance to our members and to the Canadian broadcasting system. You can read the entire submission here, under WGC policy issues.

Rick Mercer, David Cronenberg, Order of Canada

July 4, 2014

Congratulations to WGC members Rick Mercer and David Cronenberg. Rick was named to the Order of Canada this week for his "ability to inspire and challenge Canadians through humour," and for his charity work.  Renowned filmmaker David Cronenberg is being promoted to "companion," the highest level within the order. We salute them both.


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