Working Rules

While WGC membership has many benefits, it also comes with responsibilities that reinforce the advances and protections weve made as a group:

  1. A member shall not work for an engager who is not signatory to the relevant WGC agreement, or where applicable, to the relevant agreement of an IAWG affiliated guild, or for an engager who has been declared Unfair by the WGC.
  2. A member shall not begin work without a signed contract entered into under the terms of the relevant WGC agreement.
  3. A member shall not enter into a contract with any engager on terms less favourable than those in the applicable WGC agreement.
  4. A member shall file with the WGC a copy of each contract with any engager within seven (7) days of signing each contract.
  5. All members shall comply with the terms of the duly ratified Guild Agreements in spirit as well as in letter and shall not knowingly sign any contract or make any agreement which violates such Guild Agreements.
  6. No member shall work for an engager on speculation, or under an arrangement where payment is deferred or is contingent upon approval or the engagers ability to pay.
  7. A member shall be responsible for any agent or representative acting on their behalf.
  8. A member shall at all times maintain a current personal address, telephone number and GST, HST or TVQ number, where applicable, at the WGC office.  A member must advise the WGC office of any change within thirty (30) days.
  9. A member who wishes to use a pseudonym on any writing credit shall register such a pseudonym with the Guild prior to notifying any engager of the pseudonym.
  10. Writers who are not members of the WGC, but who are reasonably chargeable with knowledge that the WGC is on strike, who nevertheless write for struck engagers, or who in any way act to harm the interests of the WGC during a strike, shall not be entitled to automatic membership in the WGC. When making an application to join, such writers shall be required to appear before the WGC Council, or a Committee of the WGC Council, to discuss their prospective WGC membership.  The WGC Council may make a ruling concerning membership, provided that such ruling will not result in an undue delay in achieving membership, or a denial of the opportunity to work in the jurisdiction of the WGC.
  11. A member who receives a credit for work in the WGCs jurisdiction for a non-signatory engager shall be subject to discipline under the relevant provisions of the WGCs By-Laws.
  12. A member shall, from time to time, serve as a credit arbitrator in the service of his/her fellow members.  When requested to perform this duty by the Guild, a member shall be permitted to decline a maximum of three (3) times.

Failure to abide by the above working rules may subject a member to discipline under the relevant provisions of the WGCs By-Laws.

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NOVEMBER 29, 2018
  • Writers Talking TV

NOVEMBER 29, 2018

Writers Talking TV

Writers Talking TV, presented by the Writers Guild of Canada, is a writer-to-writer interview held at TIFF Bell Lightbox in Toronto.

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