Joining Us

Do I Qualify?

You are qualified if you have:

    • One writing contract
    • In our jurisdiction
    • Which has been signed in the past two years
    • With a producer who is "signatory" to one of our agreements

If you are unsure if your contract is with a "signatory" producer, please refer to the Signatory Producers List.

The Writers Guild of Canada negotiates and administers the following agreements:

  • IPA (the Independent Production Agreement)
  • CBC TV
  • CBC Radio
  • TV Ontario
  • Global/CTV

The agreements contain the minimum terms and conditions under which you, as a writer, work and a producer who is "signatory" has agreed to meet those terms.


What Are The Membership Fees?

If you join before July 1st, $500 (Canadian dollars)
consisting of an initiation fee of $350 plus basic dues of $150.

If you join after July 1st, $425 (Canadian dollars)
consisting of an initiation fee of $350 plus basic dues of $75.

Annual basic dues of $150 are billed for each subsequent year of membership.

If you are a current member in good standing with the Writers Guild of America, SARTEC or one of the other guilds affiliated with the IAWG, then the initiation fee is waived when you join the WGC for the first time.

Make your payment by CREDIT CARD (Visa or Mastercard), CASH, CHEQUE or MONEY ORDER.

Cheques or money orders should be made payable to the Writers Guild of Canada.

Want to pay in USD?  Contact Jasmina Ruzic for an appropriate exchange rate.

What Do I Need To Do?

Fill out and submit the online membership form or download or print a PDF version of the membership application form.

Complete and sign the form.

  1. Send by email to or fax 416-979-9273 or by mail:
    a)  the completed membership form
    b)  a copy of your qualifying contract
    c)  your payment for membership fees to the Guild office:

Writers Guild of Canada
366 Adelaide Street West, Suite 401
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5V 1R9

Allow approximately two weeks for processing. Upon completion, you will receive a membership package in the mail that will include your membership card and other relevant material.

Questions? Contact Jasmina Ruzic.

Spring 2016
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MAY 20, 2016
  • Word on the Lake Writers Festival

MAY 20, 2016

Word on the Lake Writers Festival

The 2016 Word on the Lake Festival is "an adventure that encourages, supports, inspires and informs writers at every stage of their literary life."

MAY 25, 2016
  • Writers Talking TV

MAY 25, 2016

Writers Talking TV

Writers Talking TV, details TBA.

MAY 27, 2016
  • T.O. Webfest

MAY 27, 2016

T.O. Webfest

The IWCC presents the 3rd annual T.O. Webfest, "to support, connect, promote and celebrate independent content creators from Canada and around the world."

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