Letter to the Editor

Re: Editorial: Political actors overlook culture, The Toronto Star

January 16, 2006

Film and television are the most popular and accessible forms of culture for Canadians. What we see on the small and big screens brings us together as a country and helps shape our national identity.

And whatís good for our countryís soul is also good for our national coffers. Canadian film and television production contributes about $2.8 billion to our economy each year.

So why isnít anyone talking about our film and television industry during this election campaign?

So far only the NDP has talked about providing sustained funding to this sector. What we need is specific policy commitments for stable funding for the CBC, Telefilm and the Canadian Television Fund, and stronger Canadian content regulations on broadcasters from the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.

With the advent of satellite radio, pod-casting and Internet broadcasting, we are in danger of losing our unique Canadian voice unless the next government takes action. We deserve to know where all the parties stand on funding and regulation of the film and television industry before we go to the polls.


Maureen Parker
Executive Director
Writers Guild of Canada

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