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Canadian Screenwriter is published three times a year and is available from the Writers Guild of Canada office, at selected bookstores across Canada and by subscription. The Writers Guild of Canada website contains only selected and abridged articles from the magazine. Please see the print edition for complete articles, and much more.

Summer 2014

No One Writes Alone: Greg Spottiswood Has the Remedy
Q&A with showrunner Greg Spottiswood about the upstairs/downstairs take on hospital life in Remedy.

Hard Rock Medical Lives Life on the Edge
A look at TVO's first medical drama, set in Ontario's north.
By Diane Wild

Battling Burnout
Screenwriters' advice on how to battle burnout.
By Mark Leiren-Young




Summer 2014
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OCTOBER 28, 2014
  • Innoversity Creative Summit

OCTOBER 28, 2014

Innoversity Creative Summit

Innoversity Creative Summit: For more than a decade, Innoversity Creative Summit has reached out to media industry leaders, and creators from a broad diversity of backgrounds and skills.

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