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Canadian Screenwriter is published three times a year and is available from the Writers Guild of Canada office, at selected bookstores across Canada and by subscription. The Writers Guild of Canada website typically contains selected and abridged articles from the magazine. Please see the print edition for complete articles, and much more.

Fall 2015

Let's Talk Netflix, Q&A with Maureen Parker
By Li Robbins

Keeping It Fresh
Find out how the showrunners of long-running shows "keep it fresh."
By Dani Ng-See-Quan

Daegan Fryklind: She's Leader of the Pack
Cover story profiling  how the creator of the popular show, Bitten, got to where she is today.
By Katherine Brodsky

The Benchmarks of Our Success
What means the most when measuring success in the Canadian television industry?
By Diane Wild




Fall 2015
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DECEMBER 24, 2014
  • WGC Offices Closed for Holidays

DECEMBER 24, 2014

WGC Offices Closed for Holidays

WGC Offices Closed, Reopening Jan. 5, 2015. Happy Holidays!

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