Article B2 - Optional Bibles, Script/Program Development

B201 For the purposes of Script or program development prior to the contracting of a Script, Story, Screen Story or Treatment, a Producer may contract any writer to write a Development Proposal, or Concept and/or Bible. However, if a Producer contracts a writer who is a Guild member to write a Bible, the Producer shall contract that writer under this Agreement. In such case, the Producer shall be permitted to contract Guild members and non-Guild members on the same project during development.
B202 In contracting for services under this Article, the Producer and the Writer may include in any contract between them, among other things, terms and conditions pertaining to the following matters:
i. the type of development format to be written;
ii. what the development format is to be based upon (e.g. whether based on an idea in written or oral form, created by whom, provided by whom);
iii. fees in respect of the writing services;
iv. copyright ownership by either party in, or the Producer's license to, the Development Proposal or Concept and/or Bible;
v. entitlement to "Created by" or other credit; and
vi. any ongoing obligations to the parties.


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