Article A4 - No Strike and Unfair Declaration



During the life of this Agreement, the Guild undertakes not to call or direct a work-stoppage against any Producer, except where the Producer has been declared unfair.


Producer’s Refusal to Abide by or Follow Grievance or Arbitration Procedure or Decision.

Where a Producer does not abide by, or declares its intent not to abide by the grievance or arbitration procedure, or refuses to comply with a decision rendered pursuant to Article A5 by a Joint Standing Committee or an Arbitrator, the Guild may declare such Producer an “Unfair Producer” upon ten (10) days’ notice to the Producer concerned and to the Producer’s Association, and instruct the members of the Guild not to work for such a Producer.


Writers, Story Editors and Story Consultants shall not be required to work for a Producer or Related Person declared unfair by the Guild.


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