Appendix O - Corporate Production, Industrial or Short Films

(See Article E102)

Letter of Agreement for Proposals or Tenders


WHEREAS __________________________ (Producer) requires a Proposal or Tender prior to contracting ___________________ (Writer) for the Script, the Writer hereby agrees to prepare the Proposal or tender on the condition that in the event of acceptance by ___________________________(Client Name), the Writer shall be contracted for the Script under the terms of Article E of the Writers Independent Production Agreement. Should the Proposal be rejected, all rights in and to the Script Material shall remain with the Writer, including the Concept, if provided by the Writer.  If provided by the Producer, all rights in and to the Concept shall remain with the Producer.  Producer shall file a copy of this Letter of Agreement with the Writers Guild of Canada upon signing.

Title of Program:___________________________________________________________________

Description of Proposal or Tender:_____________________________________________________

Concept provided by : _______________________________________________________________



Dated this             day of                          , 20__.

Producer: ______________________________

Writer: _________________________________


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