International Affiliation of Writers Guilds Resolution re NAFTA Cultural Exception

The importance of Cultural Exception
Los Angeles, October 2017. In the context of the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the members of the IAWG (International Affiliation of Writers Guilds) took advantage of their Annual General Meeting to reassert the importance of Cultural Exception.
For these associations of screenwriters,  though cultural goods and services are undeniably commercial products, they are  far from simple merchandise. Rather, they contribute to and participate in the construction of the diverse national cultural identities, these very same identities that the IAWG members have, through their Charter, committed  to promote and support.  
Since the expansion of digital works facilitates an increase in the circulation of the works at the international level, it becomes essential to preserve the place of national content and consequently, the right of  Nations to promote and protect their national culture by establishing and maintaining policies that sustain, reinforce and promote that very culture.  
Moved by the Writers Guild of America East   
Seconded by the Scriptwriters Guild of Israel
Passed Unanimously
The International Affiliation of Writers Guilds  consists of  50,000 screenwriters from 10 countries working in film, television and new media.  
The following guilds are members :
Guilde Française des Scénaristes (La Guilde)
New Zealand Writers Guild (NZWG)
Scriptwriters Guild of Israel (SGI)
Screen Writers Association Mumbai (SWA)
Société des auteurs de radio, télévision et cinéma (SARTEC)
Writers Guild of Germany (VDD)
Writers Guild of America East (WGAE)
Writers Guild of America West (WGAW)
Writers Guild of Canada (WGC)
Writers Guild of Great Britain (WGGB)
Writers Guild of Ireland (WGI)
Writers Guild of South Africa (WGSA)

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