WGC Writers Block Award

The Writers Block Award is presented to a person (or people) who has demonstrated a record of exceptional service to the Writers Guild of Canada and whose efforts have strengthened the Canadian screenwriting community as a whole. The recipient of The Writers Block Award is determined by the Writers Guild of Canada Council.

This year, the Writers Block Award was presented to WGC Executive Director, Maureen Parker. Maureen started working for Canadian writers twenty-five years ago - a very good day for writers in this country! Maureen has also been an outstanding collaborator with others in the industry, a tireless advocate for Canadian content, and a friend to those who want a strong, diverse and innovative Canadian film and television business.

Maureen was instrumental in the formation of the Writers Guild of Canada in 1991 and in 1996 became its executive director. Under Maureen’s leadership the Canadian Screenwriters Collection Society was formed, Canadian Screenwriter magazine began publishing and the most popular awards evening in our industry was created, the WGC Screenwriting Awards. Through the WGC and its staff, writers' voices are heard and respected when the future of our industry is discussed. And that is a direct result of Maureen’s professionalism, intelligence and passion. She is truly an industry leader.

WGC President Jill Golick presented the Writers Block Award to Maureen Parker. You can read Ms. Golick's speech here.

The Writers Block Award has previously been awarded to Anne-Marie Perrotta, Simon Racioppa, and Lienne Sawatsky (2013), Charles (Chuck) Lazer (2012), Peter Grant (2011), Rebecca Schechter (2010), Karen Walton (2009),  Anne MacNaughton, Jeremy Hole and Jack Blum (2008), Sondra Kelly and Sugith Varughese (2007), Fred Yackman (2006), Jill Golick (2005), Pete White (2004), Bill Williams (2003), Jack Gray (2002), and David Barlow (2000).


Spring 2015
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APRIL 27, 2015
  • WGC Screenwriting Awards

APRIL 27, 2015

WGC Screenwriting Awards


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