2008 Canadian Screenwriting Awards Winners

Children & Preschool

Iggy Arbuckle “Petition Impossible”
Written by Kenn Scott


Toxic Trespass
Written by Barri Cohen

Drama Series - ½ hour

Corner Gas “Seeing Things”
Written by Mark Farrell & Robert Sheridan

Drama Series - 1 hour

Across the River to Motor City “Happy Birthday, Mr. President”
Written by Denis McGrath & Robert Wertheimer

Feature Film

Written by Travis McDonald

MOW or Miniseries

Dragon Boys
Written by Ian Weir

Radio Drama

Afghanada “Episode 12”
Written by Jason Sherman, Adam Pettle & Greg Nelson


This Hour Has 22 Minutes XIV “Episode 17”
Head Writer: Kevin White / Written by Kevin White, Mark Critch, Irwin Barker, Gavin Crawford, Gary Pearson, Jennifer Whalen, Carolyn Taylor, Albert Howell, Dave Nystrom, Geri Hall, Todd Allen, Tim McAuliffe


Naturally Sadie “In or Out of Africa”
Written by Brent Piaskoski

WGC Special Awards

The WGC Showrunner Award

– Peter Mohan

The Jim Burt Screenwriting Prize 

- Tony Elliott for Stranger Than You

The Alex Barris Mentorship Award

- Allan Magee

The WGC Writers Block Award

- Jack Blum, Jeremy Hole, & Ann MacNaughton

Summer 2014
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OCTOBER 24, 2014
  • Meet the Directors

OCTOBER 24, 2014

Meet the Directors

11th annual "Meet the Directors" with 2014 DGC Award nominated directors: Peter Stebbings - Empire of Dirt, Jason Priestley - Cas & Dylan,  Michael Dowse - The F Word.


OCTOBER 28, 2014
  • Innoversity Creative Summit

OCTOBER 28, 2014

Innoversity Creative Summit

Innoversity Creative Summit: For more than a decade, Innoversity Creative Summit has reached out to media industry leaders, and creators from a broad diversity of backgrounds and skills.

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