Jim Burt Screenwriting Prize

The Jim Burt Screenwriting Prize was created to continue the work of the late Jim Burt in recognizing and nurturing new longform screenwriting talent by awarding development support to an exceptionally promising unproduced longform screenplay that tells a Canadian story.

Nominations are now closed for the 2015 award. The winner, announced at the WGC Screenwriting Awards on April 27, 2015, will be presented with a total prize worth $3,500. The winner will receive a $1,500 cash prize, and $2,000 will be allotted for an experienced story editor of the jury’s choosing in order to further develop their script.  



In a 20-year career at the CBC, Jim Burt championing of Canadian writers and their stories resulted in the production of some 75 longform dramas including The War Between Us, The Boys of St. Vincent, The Arrow, Peacekeepers, and Nights Below Station Street. These productions met with national and international acclaim and embodied excellence in Canadian storytelling.

The winning screenplay is determined by a jury, which selects the best unproduced longform screenplay telling a Canadian story in the tradition of the projects Jim Burt championed.

The last winner of the Jim Burt Screenwriting Prize, presented at the 17th annual WGC Screenwriting Awards was Adam Garnet Jones for his screenplay, Wild Medicine. Congratulations, Adam.

The Jim Burt Award is made possible with the generous support of individual donors as well as:






Spring 2015
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