Alex Barris Mentorship Award

Recognizing the critical role of mentorship

The Alex Barris Mentorship Award, granted biennially, is now accepting nominations. The award will be presented at the WGC Screenwriting Awards on May 2, 2016.

Alex Barris was a writer, broadcaster, and journalist; a pioneer of Canadian television, and proud member of the WGC. He was also a wonderful mentor, giving his time and talent to new writers who were just getting started in the industry. The Alex Barris Mentorship Award was created after his death in 2004, to keep his name and spirit alive and to perpetuate the tradition of mentorship.

The award acknowledges a mentor who has significantly helped a writer (or writers) get a start in the business. While the nominator must be a WGC member, the recipient need not be. 

The recipient of the 2016 Alex Barris Award is Clive Endersby, who will be presented with the award on May 2 at the WGC Screenwriting Awards. 

Previous winners of the Alex Barris Award include David Peddie (2005), Josh Miller (2006), Ilana Frank (2007), Allan Magee (2008), Peter Mitchell (2010), Barbara Samuels (2012), and Susin Nielsen (2014).

Spring 2016
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