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Updated January 2017

The Canadian Screenwriters Collection Society (CSCS) has received foreign secondary authors' levies for the writers listed below. In this context, secondary authors' levies include the blank tape levy (private home copying) and rental/public lending levy.  

Either CSCS does not have a current address for these writers or these writers have been identified and located but we have not been able to forward monies to them.


Please be advised that money owed to the writers on this list will forfeit to CSCS when the names have been listed on the website and the money is unclaimed for two years. For example, money held for the names listed since August, 2008 would forfeit to CSCS as of the end of August, 2010. The money for writers on this list forfeits to CSCS when either CSCS cannot locate writers or located writers refuse to respond to CSCS inquiries or sign the required paperwork to make a claim.

If you have any information that would allow us to contact any of these writers or their agents, please contact Marisa King at m.king@wgc.ca or by phoning (416)979-7907 ext. 5231 or 1-800-567-9974 ext. 5231. 

Click Here for the list.

Updated as of January, 2017



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