("Agreement") covering Freelance Writers of Theatrical Films Television Programs andOther Production between The Writers Guild of Canada (the "Guild") and The Canadian Film and Television Production Association ("CFTPA") and The Association des Producteurs de Films et de Télévision de Québec ("APFTQ") (collectively the "Associations")
November 1, 2000 to December 31, 2002

© 2000 Writers Guild of Canada, Canadian Film and Television Production Association, and Association des Producteurs de Films et de Télévision de Québec

The IPA 2000-2002 is effective from November 1, 2000. The IPA is significantly restructured from the 1995-96 version. Please consult the Table of Contents as many Articles have moved and have new numbers.

Printed copies of the 2000-2002 IPA are now available from the WGC office.

Capitalized words in this Agreement indicate that these particular terms are defined in Article A2 and/or Article E2.


Section A: General - All Productions
Article A1 - Recognition, Application and Term
Article A2 - Definitions
Article A3 - General Provisions
Article A4 - No Strike and Unfair Declaration
Article A5 - Grievance Procedures and Resolution
Article A6 - Speculative Writing, Sample Pages and Unsolicited Scripts
Article A7 - Copyright and Contracts: Warranties, Indemnities and Rights
Article A8 - Story Editors and Story Consultants
Article A9 - Credits
Article A10 - Security for Payment
Article A11 - Payments
Article A12 - Administration Fee
Article A13 - Insurance and Retirement Plan, Deductions from Writer's Fees
Article A14 - Contributions and Deductions From Writer's Fees in the Case of Waivers

Section B: Conditions Governing Engagement
Article B1 - Conditions Governing Engagement for all Program Types
Article B2 - Optional Bibles, Script/Program Development
Article B3 - Options

Section C: Additional Conditions and Minimum Compensation by Program Type
Article C1 - Feature Film
Article C2 - Optional Incentive Plan for Feature Films
Article C3 - Television Production (Television Movies and Mini-Series)
Article C4 - Television Production (other than Television Movies and Mini-Series)
Article C5 - Television Documentary
Article C6 - Television Variety, Panel, Game and Quiz Shows
Article C7 - Television Magazine Shows
Article C8 - Television Daily Dramatic Serials
Article C9 - Television Continuity
Article C10 - Production Fee
Article C11 - Distribution Royalty
Article C12 - Travel Expenses, Paid Travel Time, and Risk Insurance

Section D: Other Production
Article D1 - Conditions Governing Engagement
Article D2 - Minimum Compensation
Article D3 - Distribution and Use Rights

Section E: Option For Corporate Production: Sponsored, Industrial Or Short Films
Article E1 - Recognition, Application And Terms
Article E2 - Definitions
Article E3 - General Conditions
Article E4 - Rates And Conditions Governing Engagement

Animation Section
Article 1 - Recognition and Scope of the Animation Section
Article 2 - Definitions
Article 3 - Renumeration and Rewrites
Article 4 - Administration Fee
Article 5 - Insurance and Retirement Plan and Deductions from Animation Writers' and Animation Story Editors' Fees
Article 6 - Animation Story Editors
Article 7 - Termination
Article 8 - Copyright
Article 9 - Grievance and Arbitration
Article 10 - Credits and Credit Arbitration
Article 11 - Term
Blended Production
Schedule 1 - Voluntary Recognition Agreement for Animation Productions

Appendix A: Negotiation Protocol
Appendix B: Voluntary Recognition Agreement
Appendix C: Standard WGC Writer's Agreement
Appendix D: Standard WGC Story Editor's Agreement
Appendix E: Notice of Engagement
Appendix F: Notice of Intended Writing Credits
Appendix G: Declaration of Receipts and Distribution Royalty Payments
Appendix H: Distributor's Assumption Agreement
Appendix I: Purchaser's Assumption Agreement on Transfer of Rights in a Production Made From Script Material
Appendix J: Purchaser's Assumption Agreement on Transfer of Rights in Script Material
Appendix K: Blended Production
Appendix L: Standard Letter to be Sent to a Writer for Credit Assignment to a Third Party
Appendix M: Corporate Guarantee
Appendix N: Contract / Voluntary Recognition Agreement for Corporate Production
Appendix O: Corporate Production: Sponsored, Industrial or Short Films
Appendix P: Interpretation Committee
Appendix Q: Quebec Appendix (Provisions Applying to Quebec Only)

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