A301 An accredited representative of the Guild shall be admitted at any reasonable time to the place where the Writer's Script Material is in production.
A302 The Producer agrees to notify a Writer, before the Writer is engaged on any assignment, of the names of all other Writers previously engaged by the Producer who have been assigned to work on the same material. The Producer shall also notify the Writers then working on such material of the name(s) of any additional Writer(s) engaged.
A303 a) Shopping - Prior to circulating unlicensed Script Material to persons other than those directly associated with the Producer, the Producer shall obtain the consent of the Writer.
  b) Disclosure - The Writer will advise the Producer of any persons to whom, to the best of the Writer's knowledge, the Script Material has been previously submitted.
A304 At the completion of the fine cut, the Writer may request a screening, and if so requested, the Producer shall provide the Writer with a screening within twenty-one (21) days of the request.
A305 Upon receiving a written request from the Writer(s), the Producer shall provide the Writer(s) with a VHS copy of the completed program when available.
A306 The Producer assumes the risk of the professional and artistic competence of the Writer, Story Editor or Story Consultant. The Writer, Story Editor or Story Consultant will act professionally at all times with respect to the meeting of deadlines and the presentation of contracted materials.
A307 Attendance at Rehearsals The Producer agrees that the Writer has the right to attend all the work sessions at which production personnel are present in the production of a Feature Film or program based on the Script s/he has written, provided that the Writer obtains permission from the Producer. Such permission shall not be unreasonably withheld. The Writer agrees not to discuss the Script Material, rehearsal or production with anyone other than the Producer.

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