201 Animation Production means a production consisting entirely of a photographed series of drawings or electronically generated images or other means that simulate motion. These include but are not limited to; CGI, claymation, motion capture and traditional animation, which techniques may be used exclusively or in combination. Wherever this section refers to Production it shall mean Animation Production.
202 Animation Story Editor means a person regardless of title or credit received, whose duties include writing Rewrites for a Series or Serial. Wherever this Section refers to Story Editor it shall mean Animation Story Editor.
203 Animation Writer means a person who writes Script Material for Animation Productions. Wherever this Section refers to Writer it shall mean Animation Writer.
204 Collective Society means a society, association, corporation or other organization that carries on the business of collecting and distributing royalties or levies payable in respect to copyright for the benefit of those who, by assignment, granted licence, appointment of it as their agent or otherwise, authorize it to act on their behalf in relation to that business.
205 Draft Script means a complete draft of any Script in a mutually agreed form the length to be specified by the Producer.
206 Feature Film means a film of sixty-one (61) minutes or more in length intended initially for theatrical distribution.
207 Gross Fees means the fees as contracted under any Article of this Section, exclusive only of money paid to the Animation Story Editor by a Producer for expenses such as per diem allowances or travel expenses.
208 Merchandising Rights means those rights required for manufacture, sale and distribution of all merchandise featuring, containing or consisting of the names, characters, symbols, designs, likenesses and visual representations of the literary and/or artistic characters created, described or portrayed in the Script Material.
209 Outline means the scene-by-scene development and structuring in a mutually-agreed form of a story in screen terms to provide a synopsis or schematic of the Television Script to be written from it, in up to five thousand (5000) words per half hour of broadcast time. When no Story or Screen Story is contracted separately the Story or Screen Story shall be deemed to be included in the Outline.
210 Polish means minor improvements of script details within the basic structure of the scenes as written, and shall not included changes in the structure, addition or deletion of characters, alterations of plot, or reworking of more than five percent (5%) of the dialogue.
211 Producer means the individual, corporation, partnership, limited partnership or other person that controls, administers, or is responsible for any production (whether or not that person is or will be copyright holder of the finished program).
212 Rewrite means writing which significantly changes the plot, story line, dialogue, and/or the characters in the Script.
213 Screen Story means written narrative material contracted under this Section for a Production, based on source material, consisting of the basic narrative, idea, or theme and indicating character development and actions suitable for use in or representing a substantial contribution to a final script; provided, however, that the Animation Writer shall not be obligated to (a), insert dialogue in a Screen Story (except in the extent necessary to show characterization), or (b) prepare the Screen Story in the form of an Outline. There is no differentiation between Story and Screen Story for compensation purposes. When no Story or Screen Story is contracted separately, the Story or Screen Story shall be deemed to be included in the Outline. In the case of a Feature Film, the Story or Screen Story shall be deemed to be included in the Treatment.
214 Script Fee means the total remuneration payable by the Producer to a Animation Writer, unless otherwise negotiated.
215 Script Material means any material covered by this Section and includes book/libretto, continuity, documentary Script, Draft Script, Narration, Narration Script, Outline, Polish, Rewrite, Screen Story, Script, Story, and Treatment for use in any form of production covered by this Agreement.
216 Secondary Use Payments means the net amounts collected and then distributed by Collective Societies (including but not limited to SACD, or AGICOA) in respect of
  1. the retransmission outside North America; and/or
  2. the performance, the communication to the public (including broadcasting worldwide but excluding retransmission in North America), private copy, rental and lending anywhere in the world,
of Animation Productions based on the Script Material.
217 Team means two (or more, with the consent of the Guild) Animation Writers engaged by the Producer at the same time who have agreed to collaborate on the script or scripts. A Team will be deemed to be one Animation Writer for the purposes of this Section. Payment will be split equally between or among the Animation Writers of the Team.
218 Treatment means the scene by scene development and structuring in a mutually agreed form of a Story in screen terms provide a synopsis or schematic of the Feature Film Script to be written from it in twenty thousand (20,000) words or less. The Treatment shall be deemed to include a Story or Screen Story.

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