Reality/Factual Writers and the WGC

The WGC is a dedicated advocate for the profession of screenwriting in Canada, and that includes reality/factual TV writers. Writers working in that sector perform a wide range of writing duties, from story edits and writing dialogue to creating beat sheets and writing voice-overs — and much more.

The WGC’s Independent Production Agreement (IPA) has terms for reality/factual — it’s an industry-wide contract that sets the standards for compensation and treatment of writers. No matter what genre a Canadian screenwriter works in, WGC membership gives writers significant benefits, including insurance and retirement contributions, minimum compensation rates, entitlement to credit, and access to royalties through the Canadian Screenwriters Collection Society.

If you have any questions about reality/factual TV writing and the Writers Guild of Canada, contact Christine Rutherford: You may also be interested in viewing or downloading the WGC's "Reality/Factual Writers" pamphlet.

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NOVEMBER 29, 2017
  • Whistler Film Festival

NOVEMBER 29, 2017

Whistler Film Festival

Whistler Film Festival

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