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Alumni Photos


Year Five - Eastern Canada – 2014/15

Back row: Romeo Candido, Desmond Sargeant, Rachel Reddy, Richard Young, Aaron Setton
Front row: Diana Braithwaite, Workshop Leader Steve Lucas, Amanda Lo
In Spirit: Richard Sibblies


Year Five - Western Canada – 2014/15

Karin Lee, workshop leader, Workshop Leader Chuck Lazer, Nisha Shankar, Dave Bath

Year 4 Western Canada – 2013/14

Back row: Tami Gabay (Intern), Christopher White, Gorrman Lee, Darren Joe, Cal Garingan
Front row: Jeyn Roberts, Tally Knoll, Chuck Lazer (Workshop Leader), Rachelle Benzce

Year 4 Eastern Canada – 2013/14

Back row:  Justin Rawana, Allan Tong, Cathryn Naiker, Rama Rau, Aaron Bala (Intern)
Front row: David Hall, Alyse Rosenberg (Workshop Leader), Noelle Perkins, Sami Khan
Year 3 Western Canada – 2012/13

Back Row: Neil Champagne, Shevon Singh, Vincent Ternida, Todd Ireland
Front Row:  Mike Gosselin, Kristen Ross, Workshop Leader Chuck Lazer, Tricia Collins, Jamie Hrushowy


Year 3 Eastern Canada – 2012/13

Back Row: Corey Liu (Intern), J.P. Larocque, Alejandro Alcoba, Mohamad El Masri
Front Row: Surita Parmar, Ashley Park, Workshop Leader Sugith Varughese, Sandi Rankaduwa, Cory Crocker


Year2 Western Canada  - 2011/12

Back row:  Daniel Nammour, Trevor Cameron (Bell Media Diverse Screenwriter Program Intern)
Middle row: – Katie Yu, Michael Chen, Chuck Lazer (Workshop Leader), Shannon Masters, Allan W. Hopkins
Front row:  Sandy McDougall, S.B. Edwards


Year 2 Eastern Canada - 2012/13

Back Row: Stella Meghie, Sam Ruano, Adriano Valentini, James Nadiger, Workshop Leader Sugith Varughese
Front Row: Cara Mumford, Faisal Lutchmedial, Devjani Raha, Naomi Ward


Year 1 Eastern & Western Canada - 2010/11

Back Row: Tyler Smith (Bell Media Diverse Screenwriters Program Intern), Vincent Lui, Louis Taylor, Diego Guzman
Front Row: Stephanie Law, Priscilla White, Nathalie Younglai, Pat Mills


Out and About with the Bell Media Diverse Screenwriters Crew 

Hamming it up at the 2016 CBC Industry Match-up with 50% of Year 6: Nile Séguin, Vivian Lin, Amanda Joy Lim, Renuka Jeyapalan and Natalia Guled (with program director Deanna Cadette)


Striking a pose at the 2016 CBC Industry Match-up: Aaron Bala and Richard Young (with program director Deanna Cadette)


Year 5 West grads celebrate the end of their Vancouver bootcamp with fellow alumni,  workshop leader Chuck Lazer, and guests including the WGC’s Bruce Smith, Penny Gummerson, Mark Farrell, James Phillips, Catherine Girczyc,  Bell Media’s Michele McMahon and Lucas Talent’s Anna Archer.

Year 2 West alumni, Shannon Masters, with her 2014 Canadian Screen Award for Best Original Feature Screenplay, Empire of Dirt.


Showrunner Peter Mohan (centre) and his BMDSP interns on The Listener, Trevor Cameron (left) and Faisal Lutchmedial (right), reunite at a WGC holiday party.


Panel discussion on screenwriting at the 2014 Reel World Film Festival with (L to R) Ben Joseph, Sadiya Durrani, Jennifer Holness, Jessie Gabe and Corey Liu (BMDSP intern).

Panel discussion on screenwriting at the 2013 Reel World Film Festival with (L to R) Faisal Lutchmedial (BMDSP intern), Jessie Gabe, Sugith Varughese, Sudz Sutherland and Ben Joseph 

Supported by the CTV-CHUM tangible benefits, the Bell Media Diverse Screenwriters Program is currently in its fifth year. Beyond the workshop, we continue to promote emerging and mid-career Canadian screenwriting talent to connect them with the broader industry. Please contact for more info on our participants and grads.