Reality/Factual Pamphlet

The WGC has created an information pamphlet called "Reality/Factual Writers and the WGC," which you can view below, or by downloading the PDF.

If your work involves:
•    Story edits
•    Writing dialogue and/or drafts
•    Creating beat sheets or outlines
•    Rewrites and polishes
•    Writing voice overs/narration
•    Other “storytelling” duties

You are a writer! Regardless of the credit you receive, you deserve the same protections and benefits as other screenwriters. The WGC represents over 2,200 freelance screenwriters — independent contractors. WGC members have the flexibility of a “gig economy” supported by the collective power of a guild. You can be part of that writing community.

The WGC’s Independent Production Agreement (IPA) already has terms for reality/factual. It’s an industry-wide contract that sets the standards for compensation and treatment of writers. No matter what genre you write, WGC membership gives you significant benefits:
•    Insurance and retirement contributions
•    Minimum compensation rates
•    Entitlement to credit  
•    Access to royalties through the Canadian Screenwriters Collection Society
But it starts with you. The WGC door is always open. We’ll work with you and your producer to create a contract that works. We already have well-established relationships with many of Canada’s independent producers.
Bonus: Reality/factual writers or story editors may qualify for a special membership incentive that includes waiving the initiation fee.

The WGC is a powerful, writer-focussed organization. A council of experienced screenwriters works with the WGC Executive Director and staff to advocate on behalf of screenwriters and to raise the profile of screenwriters. Being part of the WGC community means access to:
•    Networking and professional development opportunities
•    Writer-to-Writer mentorship program
•    Online writers’ directory
•    Script registration
•    Special discounts for industry partner events
•    Membership newsletters; a subscription to Canadian Screenwriter magazine

As a WGC member working in reality/factual TV your contract already falls under the Independent Production Agreement (IPA). We aim for maximum flexibility — if you are a member your producer can sign on for specific projects only. Under the IPA story editors fees and credits are completely negotiable. Our new online remittance entry system cuts through the paperwork, making it easy for producers. If you have an agent, have them call us, and we can walk them through the best way to get a contract under the IPA. The WGC wants to help you get the benefits — including insurance and retirement payments — that you deserve.
Quite simply, the WGC is dedicated to working for screenwriters.

For more information contact Shonna Foster at

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